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Homemade 11m base antenna

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Hey all. Here's a few shots of my homemade vertical dipole. 


12' 1-1/2" PVC sch.40

10' 1-1/2" PVC sch.40

8'   1-1/2" PVC sch.40

8'      3/4" PVC sch.40

1-1/2" PVC tee

1-1/2" - 3/4" reducer x2

3/4" PVC cap x2

103" 12ga. Solid copper wire x2

3'  2" ABS

Coax from Cobra HG A1500 mag mount or use a PO239 connector I think is what it's called.

Whatever u need to mount to structure and guy wires. I used light paracord and adjusted as needed over a couple days and plumbers strap to mount to my house passed through 3' section of 2" ABS

(Pics didn't upload in order but I'm sure anyone can figure it out 🙂)

I found that using the copper wire I had no need for the wire protruding out of the top. Since it's stiff it stands on its own in the PVC so I will lengthen the pipe eventually and make it the full length to cap the wire for a better weather-proof seal









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I forgot to add that the SWR with this antenna is roughly 1.5 across the board...there's a conflict of opinion between my external SWR/Power tester and the built in SWR meter on my Bearcat 980..also something weird happens with ch40..always shows higher on my 980 and lower than 1.5:1 on external meter. Other than that works just fine shootin skip. Made all kinds or contacts this weekend with power and barefoot. Check out video "solid contact" posted in DX contacts. Also a shout out to local member BrianV getting more contacts than me with his $16 antenna! Good job buddy! Nice workin the air with ya 👍







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On 5/11/2020 at 8:06 PM, 2WR585_Max said:

Nice homebrew vertical!  Looking forward to contact on the air with you soon. 

Thanks. I'm looking forward to contact as well

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Don't worry about the SWR differences. The impedance of any feed-line repeats every half wavelength. Therefore reading your SWR at points a couple feet apart will show variance. What matters is what shows at the transmitter (radio). Good work!

Next project: Make the vertical portion 23 feet (+/-) and build a taped inductor at the base. Wamo, a 5/8 wave gain antenna. Enjoy!

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