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  1. needlebender13

    Greetings from NB 13!!

    Thanks! Kinda weird, startin' over....feelin' kinda like I got my "training wheels" back on.....:-)
  2. needlebender13

    Greetings from NB 13!!

    Wow....I noticed another misspelling in my post....the amp is an ACOM 1500....not an Icom....(whew!)...must be gettin old or something..... ;-)....
  3. needlebender13

    Greetings from NB 13!!

    Greetings all! My name is Ed, and I go by Needle Bender 13. I was given my call many years ago by Rick Wilkinson, also known as Needle Bender 777 in SW Florida. Used to talk to NB 696 in San Diego quite a bit as well. I've been inactive for quite a few years until Covid came about, and I decided to pick it back up. I also have a ham ticket, but I've been inactive there as well. Currently I run a Kenwood TS-940-S into an Icom 1500. I also have a TS-440-S and an Icom 756 Pro lll. I have a Hex beam I use for HF, and an Imax 2000 for 11 meters. I'm hoping to run in to Rick on here, I haven't talked to him in years, and it would be great to catch up!! He traded an old Kenwood TS 520 S to me for a couple old 101's I gave him, and it was one of the best radios I ever had, hands down. I lost it years ago to a lightning strike, and it broke my heart. Hope to talk to as many of you as I can soon, and Rick, if you read this, throw me message! My email is good on QRZ. It'd be great hearing from you! 73', and God Bless! Ed....Needle Bender 13....