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  1. 35WR035 Frank

    Hello From Mexico

    Have shared my settings. 73s Frank, WR035
  2. 35WR035 Frank

    Newbie from Wollongong Australia

    Hello Dave, welcome in to the club. 73s Frank, 35WR035
  3. 35WR035 Frank

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome Terry, had last few weeks times to times nice sporadic opening from central EU towards 43div. Looking forward to catch you on Air. 73s Frank, 35WR035
  4. 35WR035 Frank

    Hello From Mexico

    Hello Raymun, welcome to the WR club. Nice to see you in here. Would be a pleasure to catch you in the future on the air. Best regards, stay safe. 73s Frank, 35WR035
  5. 35WR035 Frank

    Hi from Switzerland

    Hi Marco, i am very happy that we have you aboard. I wish you many nice DX QSOs. 73s Frank
  6. 35WR035 Frank

    Hello from the Prospect WR287

    Hello and welcome in to the TWRC Family!
  7. 35WR035 Frank

    New prospect here

    Hi Brian, would be great to chat with you soon on the Air. But i guess we need 2 years to could get a skip between CA and EU. Best Regards. 73s Frank
  8. 35WR035 Frank

    New to WR

    Welcome in to the Family. 73s Frank WR035
  9. 35WR035 Frank

    New to WR

    Welcome in to the WR family. 73s Frank 035