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  1. WorldRadio2811

    Hello From Mexico

    any mods worth sharing post them on our mods page if you could. lots of folks looking to better their stations. 73 Eli
  2. WorldRadio2811

    My 2X8 install

    Turn on the Comments.
  3. WorldRadio2811

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Terry. I'll keep an ear out for ya.
  4. WorldRadio2811

    62 Division Guam

  5. WorldRadio2811

    Hello From Mexico

    Welcome to the club and Forum Raymundo! 2WR2811 Eli 73
  6. WorldRadio2811

    NB History

    The NeedleBender's History. The World Wide Needle Benders Club was officially founded by "The Coax Kidd", out of California, back in 1973. The Coax Kidd started a club that consisted of only the Elite Operators and Big Strappers, that he chose, in competition with other clubs in existence at that time. Some of the clubs were: "The Bull Shippers" "The Trucker Tucker Club" " The Violators" The original members were the President and Founder, The Coax Kidd; Brahma Bull; "The Midnight Gambler"; and Bill Tucker, who later became the President after The Coax Kidd passed away. Prior to Bill Tucker passing away, he appointed NeedleBender 409,aka The Red Fox, as the Clubs President. NeedleBender 409 held this title until early 2005, when he appointed NeedleBender 777 as the Clubs President. In 2010, Neddle Bender 777 appointed Needle Bender 696 Dave as the President and Rick stepped back as the Vice President and those two still hold those titles today. As more history is presented to us, we will update this page.....we are aware that this is an outline at best, but many original members are no longer living, and the Clubs history is being put together as fast as possible; as stated, record keeping was not an issue then, but now that we have the means, we want to preserve it as best we can! I am sure that we will be told of legends, present and past, .... Bring them on!!!! To answer one if the biggest questions that arise. How to become a Needle Bender??? The answer is simple really. It is strictly by invitation. Dave and Rick are listening. They choose from who they hear. They choose operators who sound loud, proud, are kind, courteous to their fellow operators above all. This is what they listen for. Only few are chosen as you can see by the roster. So, get out there and show it.
  7. WorldRadio2811

    Hello all FNG

  8. WorldRadio2811

    Hello from 2WR256...

    Welcome back
  9. WorldRadio2811

    Homemade 11m base antenna

    Pretty cool setup, thanks for sharing.
  10. WorldRadio2811

    New to WR

    Welcome to the club JR, we're glad to have ya.
  11. WorldRadio2811


    2020 was issued to Kevin in Clear Lake years ago, he has gone inactive so I wouldn't mind doubling the number since you guys are in different states.
  12. WorldRadio2811


    Good to see ya again RT2020, Welcome to the froum bro. 73 Eli
  13. WorldRadio2811

    Eli's Birthday

    Mr.Prez 2WR2811 Eli's Birthday!!
  14. WorldRadio2811

    It Must be Spring

    That's a cool looking flower.
  15. WorldRadio2811

    New contact 825 Daytona Beach

    Welcome to the forum Toby, great gate!