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  1. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello from Camano Island Wa!

  2. 2WR1303_Chuck


    Welcome to the forum Mr Gary
  3. 2WR1303_Chuck

    2WR1743 Bristol ,Pa

    Good Deal Mr Paul... Congrats
  4. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Newbie from Wollongong Australia

    Welcome to WR Dave 73 !
  5. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome Terry 😊
  6. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello all FNG

  7. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello from 9WR960 Canada

  8. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello from the Prospect WR287

    I see ya made it !!! Congrats
  9. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Hello from 2WR256...

    Welcome Back Rick, It's still a Madhouse out there, Don't we love it!!!
  10. 2WR1303_Chuck

    It has been awhile

    Hello Pat!
  11. 2WR1303_Chuck

    New to WR

  12. 2WR1303_Chuck


  13. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Introducing myself.

    Welcome Lone Star 1836 .. WR1303Chuck
  14. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Old time CBer, New Again

    To The Forum
  15. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Eli's Birthday

    Hope you are enjoying your birthday Mr Eli
  16. 2WR1303_Chuck

    wavin at ya

    A Warbley wave Right Back Atcha Welcome To The Forum
  17. 2WR1303_Chuck

    It Must be Spring

    Thanks for the desktop pic Mikey
  18. 2WR1303_Chuck

    New from Chicago

  19. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Anybody ride besides me...

    Dang Nice ride Craig
  20. 2WR1303_Chuck

    SNOW GEESE in our valley!

    What the Heck !, That 'one is buried up to his neck
  21. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Newbie from Texas

  22. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Spring pics to brighten your day

    The first pic, we have a tree like that in the yard and 100's of bumblebees were on it when it bloomed this year.Nice pics Jean as always
  23. 2WR1303_Chuck

    New guy here. Looking to join.

    If you have a radio out there try also, i been hearing 1031 Utah today KenD
  24. 2WR1303_Chuck

    New guy here. Looking to join.

    KennyD, Come into our chatroom and we can try certain Freq's when dx is running, to get you that WR #