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  1. A bit new to radio or electronics? These two articles may be helpful to get you off on the right footing. - Basics of using a multimeter - Dealing with interference interference2.pdf multimeter2.pdf
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    2WR1743 Bristol ,Pa

    Nice sounding station Paul. Wish we could have talked longer but there was a big mouth 'sharing' the channel. 🙄 73 Joe
  3. Sometimes the 'cancel culture' attacks both sides of the political spectrum. ☹️

  4. VAham84

    Homemade 11m base antenna

    Don't worry about the SWR differences. The impedance of any feed-line repeats every half wavelength. Therefore reading your SWR at points a couple feet apart will show variance. What matters is what shows at the transmitter (radio). Good work! Next project: Make the vertical portion 23 feet (+/-) and build a taped inductor at the base. Wamo, a 5/8 wave gain antenna. Enjoy!
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    THANK YOU for serving!!
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    Wavin' from Williamsburg VA
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    11m World Prefix Map

    I am not associated with this chap. It was by accident I found this nice item when browsing. He has good references among hams. Nice/useful product.
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    Introducing myself.

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    Old time CBer, New Again

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    10-Meter contest Conditions may be poor BUT will be very interesting how many signals will present themselves. Sporadic-E may be key. SSB & CW only. Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 14-15, 2019) Your 11-meter 5/8 vertical will no doubt work well.
  11. Member is on thin ice due to interaction in the political section. Otherwise, he is fine best I can see.

  12. VAham84

    I'm back...

    Welcome back! What is your call sign? de WC4R
  13. Am I blind or do we not have a 'Vintage Radio' section on the forum?


    1. WR954


      Huh, I will look, may need to add one, thought we did