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  1. Keith------------------- 514--------- Fremont, CA. (1st 5/25/21 Kevin, 2nd 6/20/21 Scott) Jay---------------------1350-----------Galesburg, IL (1st Harry 6/6/21, 2nd Scott, 6/20/21)
  2. Many contact's with Denese, But as with other Spouses that want to share the other spouses number and become a 1/2, there was no need to list the contact's, As i was previously told earler.
  3. Denise----------------------0313 1/2------Rose City, MI
  4. Mitchell---------------------2WR74------------Pittsburg, PA-----------(1st 5/31/2021 Homer 2nd 06/06/2021 Scott)
  5. Copy that Mi*e. I think i got it now. Along with your help watching my live feed on face book in our group on it all.
  6. I'm lost on how to preform this alignment operation on my 674B Hy-gain 5 using my Sencore SC-61 scope. I'll post a link here to a service manual for the Hy-Range Vlll, This is the exact same test i'm trying to perform on the Hy-gain 5. Now once you have this link up, Go to Page 19, Under the 16MHz Synthesizer circuit title, go to step 4, Here's what it say's under step 4, (Connect the oscilloscope between the secondary coil of L14 and ground) I do know where theses test point's are. (Adjust L13 and L14 for maximum amplitude) I do know where L13 and L14 are and i do have the correct alignment tools to adjust these coil's. My thing i need to know is what probe do i use and how to read this on my SC-61 scope. I'm limited on probes for this scope and using the one's i have i can't see any kind of increased amplitude reading on my scope beam readout. If your not familiar with the operation of this Sencore SC-61 scope, I have a pdf file of this scope here, The manual is labeled Sencore SC61 user ID12849. Thanks' for any help on this. 2WR267_Scott
  7. Here's the 2040 Operator's Manual B&K 2040 Opperator's Manual.pdf
  8. Heres a video I made on the install. I forgot to mention the 2, anti static straps on the back in front of the bumper and I also bonded the exhaust
  9. Here a link to a forum where it's explained how to make a RF Sampler/ Demodulator. A RF sampler is hooked between the radio and dummy load to hook up a O. Scope,
  10. Here are some B&K Service Manual's bk 1040 operator manual.pdf BK-2040_Service.pdf
  11. Here are some more Sencore Manual's. Sencore SC71 Frequency Counter Manual.pdf Sencore--FC45--service_and_user--ID12844.pdf Sencore--SC61--service--ID12848.pdf Sencore--SC61--user--ID12849.pdf
  12. Here's a few service manual's I've found on the Sencore CB42 Sencore_CB42_Manual.pdf Sencore CB42 Schematics.pdf Sencore CB42 Calibration.pdf Sencore CB42 Addendum.pdf
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