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  1. Just a suggestion, I was confused about you making it a week, instead make the post for the whole month ie; "Post New Members for the Month of July Here". I'll still add the new ones to the old lists as well to have a couple more option in case of an "oops", I have been copying the list (just the division 2 because it's so big) to a file each week just in case. 3's Greg
  2. Carey------------------------------791-----------Panama City, FL (1st 6/6/21Harry) (2nd 06/27/21 Greg) John-------------------------------513------------Panama City, FL (1st 07/21/19 Greg) (2nd 06/27/21 Greg)
  3. Eric-------------------------------------2WR8340----------Dayton, OH (1st 07/26/20 Greg)(2nd 06/21/21 Greg)
  4. This is for Division 9, new members added in June 2021 Ken---------------451---------------Kentville, Nova Scotia (1st 05/23/21 Greg)(2nd 06/13/21 Greg) ADDED Eli
  5. 2WR911_Steven, Hot Springs AR (1st Harry 6/6/21) (2nd 06/06/21 Greg) 2WR1800_Danny, Sparta TN (1st Harry 6/6/21) (2nd 06/06/21 Greg)
  6. Hey Doug, Glad I was able to keep contact while we sorted out a good number for you. If you want, send a PM to any admin and have them change your user login to 2WR72_Doug . Hope to hear you on when I do the monthly On Air Check-In on the 4th Sunday of the month, channel 39LSB, I try to start it early morning but i'm on all day. 3's Greg
  7. Hey, Glad I was on when you caught me and remembered the admin list, wish others sitting on the pending list was as diligent. Now send WR954 a PM to change your login user to 2WR906_Barry . WR267_Scott is the third Sunday On Air Check-In host and I do the 4th Sunday of every month, catch me then. 3's Greg
  8. Great to have you on the forum. 3's Greg
  9. This looks simple to build,, got it off Pinterest. 3's Greg
  10. Listening for you, I'm usually on 38 or 39 most days, if I hear you in there I will be the second contact!! 3's Greg
  11. Hola 10WR313_Raymondo, Welcome to TRWC from 2WR321_Greg, it was a pleasure talking and hope we can do it again soon. Thank you for letting me add you to our membership. 73 for now, Greg
  12. Hello T Jay, Welcome to the club. Glad I could make it happen for you, hope you come to the forum often and try out the chat, , I'm there most days. 3's Greg
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. I am on most days, mainly channel 38, sometimes 39, conditions should be changing to the north for me as the fall approaches, maybe we can make contact. I do "On The Air Check-ins" on the 4th Sunday of the month, try me then. 3's Greg
  14. Hello 2WR0023_JD, welcome to the forum



  15. Hey,

    Are we still getting a deal on the AT-6666, if so hook me up to who I have to contact.




    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Just sent you a PM with The contact info. 


    2. 2WR321_Greg


      Got it and sent one right back


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