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    Hello Guys This is Raymundo from Carmen Island in Campeche state in South East Mexico, my designated unit is 10WR313 Best regards to all of you Guys! 10WR313_Raymundo
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    The NeedleBender's History. The World Wide Needle Benders Club was officially founded by "The Coax Kidd", out of California, back in 1973. The Coax Kidd started a club that consisted of only the Elite Operators and Big Strappers, that he chose, in competition with other clubs in existence at that time. Some of the clubs were: "The Bull Shippers" "The Trucker Tucker Club" " The Violators" The original members were the President and Founder, The Coax Kidd; Brahma Bull; "The Midnight Gambler"; and Bill Tucker, who later became the President after The Coax Kidd passed away. Prior to Bill Tucker passing away, he appointed NeedleBender 409,aka The Red Fox, as the Clubs President. NeedleBender 409 held this title until early 2005, when he appointed NeedleBender 777 as the Clubs President. In 2010, Neddle Bender 777 appointed Needle Bender 696 Dave as the President and Rick stepped back as the Vice President and those two still hold those titles today. As more history is presented to us, we will update this page.....we are aware that this is an outline at best, but many original members are no longer living, and the Clubs history is being put together as fast as possible; as stated, record keeping was not an issue then, but now that we have the means, we want to preserve it as best we can! I am sure that we will be told of legends, present and past, .... Bring them on!!!! To answer one if the biggest questions that arise. How to become a Needle Bender??? The answer is simple really. It is strictly by invitation. Dave and Rick are listening. They choose from who they hear. They choose operators who sound loud, proud, are kind, courteous to their fellow operators above all. This is what they listen for. Only few are chosen as you can see by the roster. So, get out there and show it.
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    Happy to be a new member of TWRC.
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    01---------Donnie-----Australia 05---------Randy------Niagra Falls 13---------Eddie--------Florida, Ft. Meyers 31----------Tim----------Trucker U.S. 67---------Steve--------Texas 78---------Jesse---------Florida 96---------George------Australia 98---------B-------------Barbados 99---------Darren------Utah 108--------John--------Florida 113--------Tom---------Ohio 123--------Sam----------Michigan 124--------Larry---------Nevada (R.I.P.) 138--------wild Bill--------New Orleans ? 222--------Brian----------New Jersey 226--------John----------Florida 235--------Phil--------Delaware 235--------John----------Texas 242--------Darren--------Saskatchewan 269--------Danny--------Arizona 288--------Richard-------Ohio 293--------Buddy--------Mississippi 303--------Bob-----------Washington (R.I.P.) 333--------Foster---------Mississippi 334--------Bob------------Washington 351--------Ezy-------------Australia 354--------Jerry-----------Utah 357--------Dave-----------Florida 393--------Rick------------West Virginia 400--------Paul------------Mississippi 400--------Brian-----------Virginia 409--------Red Fox-------Arkansas 412--------John------------Tennessee 454--------John------------Washington 502--------Kyle-------------Alaska 511--------John------------Iowa 551--------Lee--------------Oregon 555--------Steve-----------Arkansas 577--------Bob-------------California (R.I.P.) 669-----------Old Timer---------Illinois 696--------Dave------------California (President) 711--------Kenny-----------Ohio 739--------Ron--------------Florida 777--------Rick--------------Florida (Vice-President) 799--------Bull Frog---------Kentucky 821--------Phillip-------------Trinidad 907--------Tommy-----------Arkansas 909---------Bob---------------Pennsylvania 949---------Parker------------California 995---------Pete---------------Canada (R.I.P.) 1094--------John--------------Tennessee 1145--------Alvin---------------Tennessee 1218--------John---------------Minnesota 1303--------Chuck-------------Virginia 2754--------Dandeelion-------California 2811--------Eli------------------California 3547--------Charles------------California 5150--------Chris---------------Colorado 0737--------John---------------Carolinas
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    Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Im a new member
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    Here are some B&K Service Manual's bk 1040 operator manual.pdf BK-2040_Service.pdf
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    Hola Raymundo welcome and best wishes from the swiss!! 73 Marco 15WR115
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    Pat-----------218WR689---Belize, Belize (1st 09/07/19 Greg)
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    Hello All New to the site. Been around radio for a while now. Started CB in the 80's, got my Ticket in 08 as kd0goj, I am Now w0srb since 12. Nice to meet ya all. Hope to work ya on one of the bands.
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    Here are some more Sencore Manual's. Sencore SC71 Frequency Counter Manual.pdf Sencore--FC45--service_and_user--ID12844.pdf Sencore--SC61--service--ID12848.pdf Sencore--SC61--user--ID12849.pdf
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    Here's a few service manual's I've found on the Sencore CB42 Sencore_CB42_Manual.pdf Sencore CB42 Schematics.pdf Sencore CB42 Calibration.pdf Sencore CB42 Addendum.pdf
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I am on most days, mainly channel 38, sometimes 39, conditions should be changing to the north for me as the fall approaches, maybe we can make contact. I do "On The Air Check-ins" on the 4th Sunday of the month, try me then. 3's Greg
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    Hello everyone, been a long time since I been here, and lot has happened over the years as well, moved, and now have alot of room for antennas, ect lol.....even had to change jobs as well, but good to be back..
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    Good day gents; My local contact(s) daily have been Eli. Eli told me go find a vacant number, WR287 looks good to me if available.
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    Welcome to the WR family !!!!
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    Hello and welcome in to the TWRC Family!
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    Hi. Names Brian and I’m from the SE corner of BC Canada about 50mi north of the border. Now propagation conditions are coming around I want to get on board. I played with CB in the late 80s and have been a Short wave listener for years.I love all things radio. Im studying for my ham license and hope to write as soon as all this virus stuff has passed. I just put up a new antenna and hope to see if I can get some contacts stateside. The last skip cycle on Apr.16 was really fun to listen to and eager to earn membership here. I will try barefoot first and step up to a small amp if I have to. Please if your a Wash, Idaho or Montana guy and would like to try to set up a list of members to try for it would be appreciated. Waiting for the next propagation cycle😄
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    Welcome aboard, Brian. Eli and myself made a good tag team for your WR number yesterday.
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    Welcome to the club. 73 from SE TX
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    Happy to make my contacts today with Scott WR-267 and Eli WR-2811. They have confirmed my number. So I’m happy to announce I’m 9 WR 2356. Thank you admins and mods.
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    Hey all. Here's a few shots of my homemade vertical dipole. Materials: 12' 1-1/2" PVC sch.40 10' 1-1/2" PVC sch.40 8' 1-1/2" PVC sch.40 8' 3/4" PVC sch.40 1-1/2" PVC tee 1-1/2" - 3/4" reducer x2 3/4" PVC cap x2 103" 12ga. Solid copper wire x2 3' 2" ABS Coax from Cobra HG A1500 mag mount or use a PO239 connector I think is what it's called. Whatever u need to mount to structure and guy wires. I used light paracord and adjusted as needed over a couple days and plumbers strap to mount to my house passed through 3' section of 2" ABS (Pics didn't upload in order but I'm sure anyone can figure it out 🙂) I found that using the copper wire I had no need for the wire protruding out of the top. Since it's stiff it stands on its own in the PVC so I will lengthen the pipe eventually and make it the full length to cap the wire for a better weather-proof seal
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    Greetings World Radio Friends from the North It has been some time since I popped on to the TWRC Boards and on 11 meters in general. Life has been busy but going to take some time this summer and get back on the air, just moved to a new qth and still have to get the radio gear out and tower up but that is in the plan soon. Since getting in to Amateur Radio I have been busy with the local club with planing the hamfest and working on the club site. But will still play on 11 meters and will proudly use the WR Call. This is what has me busy and Looking forward to getting back on the air 73 for now Waving a Hand 9WR705 Pat Parry Sound Ontario
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    Hi all my name is Terry from australia nsw and i am new hoping to get my wr call soon.