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    Not a newbie but thought I would Fire off this topic. I was born in the early 70's with a radio on the desk when I showed up, I haven't known life without one. My handle was Bam Bam when I was kid till my brother changed it to SnakeDude. Started using the number 811 so long ago I can't remember, but their were too many 811's out there so sometime in the 80's I changed it to 2811. I started The World Radio Club in 1994 about the same time a club with the same name same name went defunct. It wasn't very long and I had a list with over 40 names on it doing Check-ins on Sundays from my Cobra 138. I took a short break from radio and bounced between rental homes for a couple years till I purchased this house in 2002, and set up a good station. I soon after met Dandeelion (Stephanie 2WR2754) and Rick 2WR2800. Rick got his Dad (Rich 2WR149) into radio and the four of us took the club to the next level. Soon after we got all of the locals into the club like Darryle 2WR954, Ed 2WR27, and many more. With the help of these operators and many more we were able to lift the club up to a level none of us expected. The club is always evolving, folks come in and folks go, but we always do our best to be the best radio operators on 11m. It is the members and the staff of TWRC that help keep it the elite club it is today. So now back to me, I get to take it easy a little bit more often now days knowing that the club is in great hands with our Admin and Mods. So listen up for me or give me a shout on Channel 38 or 39 because more then likely I am there. 73 Eli 2WR2811
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    I got hooked at 12-13 years old when a friend of mine brought a 12 v battery & a mobil cb & a small mirror clip antenna camping with us. When I was 15 or so i got a johnson messenger 250 & a base antenna and quickly found out i was in a dead zone but i was good talking to locals for years till the late 70's when i found sideband. Been at it since. Took a break from 2006 till 2014 when I moved from that dead zone to this dead zone 8 miles away But not as bad as it was there in Norton. Then only one local named Tim ' on ssb since that and he started looking for a guy named Eli in Cal after he found Mitch 169 in a chatroom. he wanted a WR number & got it quick from Eli or an admin in 43 div. Then I came to TWRC chatroom where Tim WR40 was chattn with WR members and I found out fast, Dont carry on like a nut with Mitch n Jean, they silence you, they kick you, and they call you stupid and 'lol' at you till you are either broke in or go away. but I had never been in any chatroom before. Soon after I was led to 395 by Tim, WR40' where he was qsoing with Eli & Tim ask to me make a contact for a WR number & thats when I knew I had to be a somebody on the air instead of a clown. Anyway, The hobby changed then. It's more fun than I ever expected being a WR member
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    I was hooked on radio and DX back in the 70's. Spent all my hobby money at Radio Shack. I was away from the radio for many years, spending my time playing with computers. About 2009 I was cleaning out a closet and came across my forgotten radio equipment. I decided to search the internet to see if the vintage CBs had any value. I was surprised at all the hobby material that was online. I hooked up a CB, threw a wire over the tree in the backyard. I made contact with WR2811 that afternoon. Later that same day searching the internet I came across a chat room where Eli and I recognized we had made radio contact earlier in the day. I joined the club and have had a blast. I feel privileged to be part of something special.
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    I started out on the CB radio back in 1978 or so, wow its been a long time ago, my mom bought me a radio, she thought if I got interested in it, I wouldn't want to get out and get into trouble during my teenage years and yes it did work like she wanted it too...( started out when I was 15 ), my 1st radio was a Midland 13-879B ol 23 channel, and a old cb antenna which was called a Jam Ram, and I used this for a long time, after I started working I went to a better the early 80's I went to a T-Berry Stalker 15, and a Firebird 500 amplifier and a ol Super Penetrator antenna, ran this combo a few months, then went to a Maverick 250 amp, and of course ran this about 5 years, then sold that stuff and got into a Cobra 2000 and a JB 12 modulator, and a Phantom 500, ran a Maco 3 element beam for awhile and sold that and bought a PDL 2....ran this for another 5 years and sold out when I got married and moved out on my own..... I didn't fool with the radio for close to 5 years, by this time I was working around the coal mines here and that's when I got into it heavy, started out with a Magnum S9 in the truck, and ran a TNT 600HD and a Predator 10K mounted on the back side of a toolbox, used this for 8 years or so, and for a base I went Cobra 2000 and ran a couple XF amps, and a old Imax 2k back on the mountain, and a couple years later I bought me a new 2995dx, thats when I also got my Technician Class lic's and started talking dx on the 10m, I hold a General class lic's and run a Yaesu FT 450d and a G5RV dipole hung on the mountain side between 2 pine tree's and not running a amp, just the 100 watts the radio does, and have been enjoying working the dx all over the world on a 100 watts and a piece of wire...
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    My 40th Anniversary of been in radio. there's going to be a special activation of the 'Log Dump', Fri 25th - Mon 27th November, 2016. I'm hoping for some good DX conditions while up at the Log Dump. I'll be making a special 40th Anniversary QSL for the event, it'll be in eQSL format, email format or a special laminated home made QSL to post. Cheers from 43WR144 - Pete. (Pee Wee Edit - Times are in Eastern Australian Daylight Time. Timezones can be found at - and World Time Clocks can be found here -
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    Hello, Name here is Keith. I'm an aircraft mechanic and radio junkie. I enjoy long walks on the beach and vanilla Ice Cream. Oh wait, wrong place.
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    Hi my name is Shaun and I have an 11 meter radio addition does anybody have a cure for this disease. P.S. Thank Eli for giving us a place to mess with Chuck LOL
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    Hi All, here 19 RF 216 short 216Amsterdam , qth in Tilburg , is a city in south part of Netherlands. I live 20 Miles from belgium (18 division) border. My shack is now an Hr2600 with ChipSwitch 10-11-12 mtr bands. Powering an Zetagi 130-P (100W) on a Atron A99 antenne at 12 mtrs top.Also Lincoln , Ham international Concorde 3 , Rystl 5052 and several radioscanners by Uniden Bearcats and GRE. My farest dx is 9.075 Km’s from my qth into 1 division on 27.385 Mhz LSB. Had several contacts into USA Mexico Canada White Russia on SSB. My pinpoint for USA is When i hear the Repeater on FM in NEW York on 29.620 Mhz , i know good conditions are on LSB into the states. That means most of the time in Wintertime overhere in Europe . Februari March good dx conditions.So if you wanna know more about cb-ing in our country , feel free to ask. Hobbies: radio related websdr hamradio photography, elektricien working at a leather compagnie as Supervisor in EHS..
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    Not a good pic since it was made with a cell phone through the window and screen, but you can tell the hummer is chilly and fluffed up.
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    Sounds good Chuck. I'm out in Utah for a week, but we'll try that when I get home. Thank you.
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    Hi guys. I managed to make 2 great contacts with WR operators. One, is Harry, 79 Keystone ( I believe) and the other was 1303 Chuck yesterday, for the Thanksgiving day check in on 39. I caught a nice opportunity to video gate the check in with Chuck, and posted on YouTube. Glad to see you guys are organized and all sound like awesome courteous operators! Ive recently gotten back into CB, after a 40 year hiatus, and have been on 38 lsb for the last 4 months enjoying the dx and locals. Ive also just passed the Ham tech exam last Monday, and waiting on callsign. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you guys in the future. Heres a link to the video, excuse the unprofessionalism lol: 73 from the Sunshine state! Toby (825 Daytona Beach)
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    Just the start of fall, have some color, nuts are falling
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    Thanks Chuck, you're one of the folks that make it that way.
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    You guys have done a great job with this club, making a lot of members feel at home here in the forum and on the air.
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    Fair weather rider here. Bike was put up the week before Thanksgiving. I enjoy the back roads in WV, VA and MD.
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    Hang in there it will happen I'll be mobile again Sunday at approx 9:am PT I'll be switching between 385 & .395 listening for 888
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    Gotta agree with you there, Chuck. One big happy DX family with lotsa great folks.