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    Great to be a member! Sending best 73 to WR79 and WR321 who made it possible!!! All the best and 73 de 2WR72 west coast of Florida!!!
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    I will edit your username now and follow-up with an email. Ray 2WR0360
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    Thank you Ray, you saw this before I did
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    Thank you for your help in changing the name field! Best 73 de 2WR72!!!
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    Thank you for your help in changing the way my name appears by adding the 2WR72 to it. I should have set it up that way but was unaware at the time. Best 73 de 2WR72!!!
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    Email sent to address on file prior to Username Change. New username: 2WR72_Doug password remains the same. 73 Ray
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    Thank you for all of your help Greg! I am grateful to be aboard and look forward to many QSO’s ahead with you and all of our members. I will hopefully remember to make sure to send off a PM so we can fix the user name info. I’ll do my best with so much going on here on this end. Thank you again for your help and best 73 from this end de 2WR72!!!
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    Hey Doug, Glad I was able to keep contact while we sorted out a good number for you. If you want, send a PM to any admin and have them change your user login to 2WR72_Doug . Hope to hear you on when I do the monthly On Air Check-In on the 4th Sunday of the month, channel 39LSB, I try to start it early morning but i'm on all day. 3's Greg
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    Welcome aboard Doug 73 from SE TX
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    Hey, Glad I was on when you caught me and remembered the admin list, wish others sitting on the pending list was as diligent. Now send WR954 a PM to change your login user to 2WR906_Barry . WR267_Scott is the third Sunday On Air Check-In host and I do the 4th Sunday of every month, catch me then. 3's Greg
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    Good Deal Mr Paul... Congrats
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    Nice sounding station Paul. Wish we could have talked longer but there was a big mouth 'sharing' the channel. 🙄 73 Joe
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    Ennio-------------101----Chiavari, Genoa Italy (09-26-2012 RW) Giancarlo--------227----Piemonte, Italy-------- (10-26-2014 RW)