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  3. JUPITER 152 QSL

  4. Absolutely loved all the good DX conditions tonite!!! Thanks for the contacts WR1240 and WR4400!!!

  5. Hi Pete

    I have noticed that I am still on the list 43WR496 Les Oldroyd PO Box 322 Guyra 2365 NSW QF59US

    Regards Les Oldroyd VK2LES

  6. 2WR806_Ben

    World Radio Club Convention

    The World Radio Club World Wide Convention at the Bison Breath Saloon
  7. New Design. and this one i will use !



    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      I like it! 

      I think I would have used CAPS in the first letter of each word but that just a personal preference ūüėȬ†


    2. Thomas Cavarretta

      Thomas Cavarretta

      Can`t use Caps With This Font But I Appreciate the input Ray Thank`s


  8. Hello 2WR0023_JD, welcome to the forum



  9. Taz

    Hi this is Taz 0198 in Ft Pierce Fl looking for my second contact so I get my WR0198 so help lol Thanks Taz

    1. WR954


      I will be listening for you when hear the radio.  

    2. WR954


      I will be listening for you when hear the radio.  

  10. My QSL.


    1. Sean McDonough

      Sean McDonough

      Hi Tom,

      This is world Radio 1400 Sean in Fort Pierce FL I wanted to thank you for the contact tonight on 27420 as I said I spent many summers in Long Island they are great memories I hope you have a great father's Day coming and look forward to making many contacts in the future.

                                                                                       Your Friend,           

                                                                                              Sean WR 1400

    2. Thomas Cavarretta

      Thomas Cavarretta

      No Problem  Always Good to Talk to Other Members That`s the Best 73`s and Good DX.


    1. Chuck, we spoke this am on 27.3950 for a bit, and I'm not sure if I can use 2WR1260 yet.  Or do I need to connect again with another? QRM is overwhelming, haha.
    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      yes you were issued WR1260 for sure & are in members list, no problem & thank you 

  11. I think ray wr0360 gave me third didn't know if you seen that be on in morning for that fourth

    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      Two is all it takes Rob, you're in after you made WR2144 and Myself buddy, Congrats, You are in 

    2. 2WR0360_Ray



      Sorry for the confusion earlier but its a mute point now, YOUR IN!


    3. 2WR310_Rob


      No problem thanks Ray for all your help

  12. Ray you on need one more contact

    1. 2WR310_Rob
    2. 2WR0360_Ray


      Your in and i changed your profile to reflect the change. 






  13. Thanks Chuck 

    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      You're welcome  Rob 73

  14. Hi chuck I'm trying making contacts with everyone  except admin just talk to 2wr2317 and who I thought was you at least they said trying to get my call sign. I'm been staying fairly busy on the dx. Thanks for you support .love this site wanna be 

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