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    Welcome from Connecticut
  2. 2WR2575_Ron

    Introducing myself.

  3. 2WR2575_Ron

    Old time CBer, New Again

    Those 980`s are good units, welcome to the forum
  4. 2WR2575_Ron

    Alligator Snapper

    Looks familiar, i might have hooked up with her at closing time back in the day.
  5. 2WR2575_Ron

    Anybody ride besides me...

    I ride a bit but prefer the old shovelheads. 81 FLT, 75 FLH 98ci Stroker, 78 Lowrider, 75 rat FLH
  6. 2WR2575_Ron

    Last Nights Vsitor

    This little guy was 2 feet away from the backdoor, didnt even know he was there till the dog started going nuts. Dont get any ideas about making soup out of him Chu*k