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  1. Vic

    Hello From Mexico

    Hola Raymundo This is Victor in Maryland WR 1462 i would like to discuss your icom radio and the mods you made. i can be reached at VICNLIBBY@AOL.COM If you can get back to me I would appreciate it 73’s
  2. Vic

    Hello From Mexico

    1/5/21 Hello Raymundo It was great to hear your broadcast today. You are referring to the icom 7300 and the modifications that you made. I am considering purchasing the same radio your broadcast sounded fantastic here in Maryland I am about 30 miles north of the Chesapeake Bay in a town calledManchester my call signs are world radio 1462 I hope to catch you again On 27.375 when the conditions prevail take care and have a very happy new year nice to have met you