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  1. Jean

    Eagles up close...

  2. Jean

    My Lilies..

    Awesome pics
  3. Jean

    Red Tailed Hawk

    Caught this guy out at lake awhile back. One of the best pics i have gotten of the red tail hawk.
  4. Jean


    Beautiful area. Canadian geese do love their grass lol.
  5. Jean

    Nasty just back from Cuba 8/2/2017

    Awesome cars
  6. Jean

    Chilly Hummer

    I just saw this Mike. I have a feeder just like this. I got a new one this year though because the liquid in this sits in sun at my house all day. I got this one that liquid is under so sun doesnt shine as much on it. I wish i lived where hummers were around all year. I think i should have maybe a month to month and a half till they leave. I put the one like yours on the shady side of my house and they still use it too sometimes
  7. Jean

    Hummingbird video

    Not bad for a webcam really. I got a long usb cord so i can move it to certain places to watch the birds. And use it on Skype once in a great while too.
  8. Jean

    Hummingbird video

    This is a collection of videos i took today of hummingbirds at my feeder. It is done with my webcam, but I believe its pretty good.
  9. Jean

    Moon with Jupiter

    Im sorry just found this. It is a Nikon D3200...with 55-200mm lens. Not that fancy, but good for me. Thank you
  10. Jean

    Moon with Jupiter

    Thank you sir
  11. Jean

    Spring pics to brighten your day

    Thanks chuckles. That is some kind of ground cover plant called ajuga i think. I just love the flowers, they only bloom in spring and perfect for the bees. I saw 3 that day on it.