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  1. Hello everyone, been a long time since I been here, and lot has happened over the years as well, moved, and now have alot of room for antennas, ect lol.....even had to change jobs as well, but good to be back..
  2. I started out on the CB radio back in 1978 or so, wow its been a long time ago, my mom bought me a radio, she thought if I got interested in it, I wouldn't want to get out and get into trouble during my teenage years and yes it did work like she wanted it too...( started out when I was 15 ), my 1st radio was a Midland 13-879B ol 23 channel, and a old cb antenna which was called a Jam Ram, and I used this for a long time, after I started working I went to a better the early 80's I went to a T-Berry Stalker 15, and a Firebird 500 amplifier and a ol Super Penetrator antenna, ran this combo a few months, then went to a Maverick 250 amp, and of course ran this about 5 years, then sold that stuff and got into a Cobra 2000 and a JB 12 modulator, and a Phantom 500, ran a Maco 3 element beam for awhile and sold that and bought a PDL 2....ran this for another 5 years and sold out when I got married and moved out on my own..... I didn't fool with the radio for close to 5 years, by this time I was working around the coal mines here and that's when I got into it heavy, started out with a Magnum S9 in the truck, and ran a TNT 600HD and a Predator 10K mounted on the back side of a toolbox, used this for 8 years or so, and for a base I went Cobra 2000 and ran a couple XF amps, and a old Imax 2k back on the mountain, and a couple years later I bought me a new 2995dx, thats when I also got my Technician Class lic's and started talking dx on the 10m, I hold a General class lic's and run a Yaesu FT 450d and a G5RV dipole hung on the mountain side between 2 pine tree's and not running a amp, just the 100 watts the radio does, and have been enjoying working the dx all over the world on a 100 watts and a piece of wire...
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