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  1. 9WR2356 Brian

    Hello from 9WR960 Canada

    Hi Kevin. Finally have my sign in issues solved. Welcome here.
  2. 9WR2356 Brian

    New prospect here

    Thanks Scott. I don’t know how you guys organize all the confusion but your system works. I had a nice quiet clear QSO with Eli on 37 late last night when I went to unhook the antennas. Thanks for all your encouragement. I’m having a lot of fun.
  3. 9WR2356 Brian

    Current list of wr contacts

    Thank you to admin and mods for confirmation today. Glad to earn a place here.
  4. 9WR2356 Brian

    New prospect here

    Happy to make my contacts today with Scott WR-267 and Eli WR-2811. They have confirmed my number. So I’m happy to announce I’m 9 WR 2356. Thank you admins and mods.
  5. 9WR2356 Brian

    Brand new

    Good to see you here Dano.
  6. 9WR2356 Brian

    New prospect here

    Here’s the new home brew 5/8 wave vertical. 21.5 feet of awesomeness costing me $16.00. It works well and I’m talking to a friend 24mi out on AM regular ground wave consitantly. Just waiting for next wave of skip.
  7. 9WR2356 Brian

    Current list of wr contacts

    If conditions cooperate I’ll be trying for check in on Sunday. I have a number in mind that’s not taken.
  8. 9WR2356 Brian

    New prospect here

    Ha ha Ray! We all have our pasts😂
  9. 9WR2356 Brian

    New prospect here

    Hi. Names Brian and I’m from the SE corner of BC Canada about 50mi north of the border. Now propagation conditions are coming around I want to get on board. I played with CB in the late 80s and have been a Short wave listener for years.I love all things radio. Im studying for my ham license and hope to write as soon as all this virus stuff has passed. I just put up a new antenna and hope to see if I can get some contacts stateside. The last skip cycle on Apr.16 was really fun to listen to and eager to earn membership here. I will try barefoot first and step up to a small amp if I have to. Please if your a Wash, Idaho or Montana guy and would like to try to set up a list of members to try for it would be appreciated. Waiting for the next propagation cycle😄