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  1. Howdy Hank. Glad you got in to the forum.
  2. to the group Rob. 73 from SE TX
  3. Welcome aboard 73 from SE TX
  4. Welcome aboard Doug 73 from SE TX
  5. Welcome aboard Donald. The link gives info on admin members that can verify contacts for obtaining a WR call. New Member Admin Contact List - How to become a member. - The World Radio Club (
  6. Any typical scope probe should work for this. It the scope is showing a wave form but no change in amplitude, may need to change the voltage settings on the scope to provide a taller waveform to see a small difference in amplitude. Don't know what you have tried, but I would set the volts/division switch and the variable control to almost fill the screen with the waveform. Since you are only looking for a peak change in amplitude the volts/div doesn't have to be calibrated.
  7. Welcome to the group. 73 from SE TX
  8. Welcome aboard TJay. 73 from SE TX
  9. Welcome to TWRC and to the forum, Marco. Glad to have you aboard. 73 from SE Texas
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