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  1. 2WR2144_Mike


    Welcome back. 73 from SE TX
  2. 2WR2144_Mike


    Howdy Jeremy and welcome. Seldom get W TX in the RX now days, but maybe one day. 73 from SE TX
  3. 2WR2144_Mike


    Howdy and welcome. 73 from SE TX
  4. 2WR2144_Mike


    Welcome Ken. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
  5. 2WR2144_Mike


    Welcome to the forum Greg. Glad to have you here. 73 from SE TX. RT-2144, Mike
  6. 2WR2144_Mike

    Old time CBer, New Again

    Welcome aboard. 73 from SE TX
  7. 2WR2144_Mike

    Introducing myself.

    Welcome aboard. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
  8. 2WR2144_Mike

    Weather Pics

    Center cross beam is sitting on top of the car over driver's door. Has a dent in roof but can't tell if it bent the top of the door. If the wind is from the west, it has a tunnel effect between the houses. Must have been a fair wind since plants were blown over on patio behind the house. Looks like the initial failure occurred where it was attached to the house on the north side. Tore the lag bolt out of the rafter tail at the end and the fascia that had other bolts split at about the top of the cover. Then the bolts tore out along the patio cover beam and pulled through the aluminum channel along the garage on the east end.
  9. 2WR2144_Mike

    Weather Pics

    We were out of town last week and had a surprise when we got home yesterday. Neighbor said we had heavy rain and strong winds.
  10. 2WR2144_Mike

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Aloha Dennis, welcome to the forum. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
  11. 2WR2144_Mike


    Making a member cert for Frank. He says 4/5/19 for date which I am guessing is correct. Dates above really don't make sense unless first was 12/5/18?
  12. 2WR2144_Mike

    It Must be Spring

    First Easter Lily, late blooming this year.
  13. 2WR2144_Mike

    wavin at ya

    Welcome aboard. 73 from SE TX
  14. 2WR2144_Mike

    It Must be Spring

    These don't have fruit. Some parts are edible so they say but other parts are poisonous so I haven't tried it.
  15. 2WR2144_Mike

    It Must be Spring

    Passion flower. They grow wild and are rather invasive. I try to keep them from spreading too far but let them grow on a portion of the back fence. Underbrush and trees behind the fence are covered with them.