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  1. Static Charge

    Old time CBer, New Again

    You won't be disappointed.
  2. Static Charge

    Old time CBer, New Again

    Thanks all for the kind welcome. 2WR2575_Ron I am liking the 980 so far mine is only putting out 3.5 watts but the modulation is very close to 100%
  3. Static Charge

    Old time CBer, New Again

    Hello all, I am an old time CBer from the 80's. I decided to get into it again as now I am retired and have some extra time on my hands. I went out and bought 2 Uniden 980SSB radios, put one in my truck and I set the other up as a base. The base is using an Antron 99 antenna at about 200 feet elevation. I am close to the highest elevation in my area, so I have pretty good reach. 73s