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  1. SOG

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Aloha WR954, how you all doing this blessed evening? WR954, thank you for giving me a warm welcome to this forum. I hope to hear you in the air... Mahalo, Thank you and God Bless, Dennis (a.k.a.) SOG 🙂👍🤙
  2. SOG

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Aloha 2WR2144_Mike, mahalo and thank you for a warm welcome me to the forum. Yes in deed, I come in agreement with you about catching each other and you all on the air. I am waiting for my mobile antenna to come from the mainland because we on the Big Island of Hawaii don't have CB Shops and or Stores to go down there purchase one so all have to come from there in the mainland. Mike, have a wonderful, awesome, safe, and a blessed evening...🙂 Mahalo again and God Bless, Dennis (a.k.a.)DeeJay) SOG 🙂😇👍🤙
  3. SOG

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Aloha and thank you VAham84, and 2WR1303_Chuck, for a warm welcome! Mahalo (Thank) You, God Bless, Dennis (a.k.a.) SOG KAWN4187
  4. SOG

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Aloha and Hello from the Hawaiian Islands, Somewhat new to CBs. Just getting into the cb scene again. Had a radio when I was younger, and remember it being a ton of fun. And that was just talking to locals. Can't wait to make my first skip contact. I am finally interested in reaching out and talking to others especially now. Looking forward to speaking to you all. God Bless, to you all!... Mahalo and Thank you, Dennis (a.k.a.) SOG