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  1. Hello everyone I'm a new member in Victoria, Canada. Please consider issuing me a call-sign ! Located on the water, there is a great deal of international VHF traffic in unusual languages, HF on 80 meters is good for a radius of 2000k 11 meters is fairly quiet with brief 5 second bits of DX coming from Worldradio in California. - will be looking at the board here to see which frequencies and modes the group uses for international DX so that the radios here can be set up to continuously scan them. (for dx) I am a retired engineer with a 35 year background in electronics, in the shack are transcievers which cover 80 meters to 1ghz, continuous. For 10-12 meters there Are: 1 ranger and 1 Anytone For 80-10 meters, Icom Yaesu with modified code plugs -total of 6 base rigs. My UK Charle-Tango call sign is: 9CT019 -will use it until a WR call sign is considered by the group. Look forward to talking with you on the net Regards Personal is Ron