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  1. 19RF216/AMS

    Oldebee Leo from AmsterdAm

    Ofcourse not 1 div but 2nd div usa was my farest dx that was in 2015 with 44 John NEW York
  2. 19RF216/AMS

    Oldebee Leo from AmsterdAm

    Hi All, here 19 RF 216 short 216Amsterdam , qth in Tilburg , is a city in south part of Netherlands. I live 20 Miles from belgium (18 division) border. My shack is now an Hr2600 with ChipSwitch 10-11-12 mtr bands. Powering an Zetagi 130-P (100W) on a Atron A99 antenne at 12 mtrs top.Also Lincoln , Ham international Concorde 3 , Rystl 5052 and several radioscanners by Uniden Bearcats and GRE. My farest dx is 9.075 Km’s from my qth into 1 division on 27.385 Mhz LSB. Had several contacts into USA Mexico Canada White Russia on SSB. My pinpoint for USA is When i hear the Repeater on FM in NEW York on 29.620 Mhz , i know good conditions are on LSB into the states. That means most of the time in Wintertime overhere in Europe . Februari March good dx conditions.So if you wanna know more about cb-ing in our country , feel free to ask. Hobbies: radio related websdr hamradio photography, elektricien working at a leather compagnie as Supervisor in EHS..