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  1. 2WR585_Max

    My 2X8 install

    Great story, so not bored but ........... no pictures!!?
  2. 2WR585_Max

    Weather Pics

    Wow, that must have been a heck of a gust. Wind shear, maybe. Look like the car was spared.
  3. 2WR585_Max

    Hello from a new member-call sign request

    Hello Professor9 We appreciate your interest in The World Radio Club. WR call signs are awarded to operators that make contact with certain club members on the air. Usually takes a minimum of two contacts to qualify. Best course of action is to listen for the World Radio Check-in on Sunday afternoons on 27.395. When conditions are favorable you will hear lots of WR stations on the air. Attempt to check in and indicate your interest in joining the club. You can also hang out in our chat room and try to sked a contact Thanks again for your interest in our club and good luck!
  4. 2WR585_Max

    Dream Home?

    Nice area for sure. The yard wasn't landscaped yet when I was out there. Bad place for a tower and antenna, the neighbors kept telling him.
  5. 2WR585_Max

    Dream Home?

    Yep, thats W6GX. Check on his QRZ page. I helped him get the antenna in the air. He also had a FTDX5000. We had planned to do some contesting up until I moved to WV
  6. 2WR585_Max

    Dream Home?

    That looks a lot like a house at Carter Lake in Larimer County CO. I helped get that antenna in the air. Could it be?
  7. 2WR585_Max

    Weather Pics

    The Wasatch Front and Range are always having interesting weather. I miss traveling that way.
  8. 2WR585_Max

    Anybody ride besides me...

    Fair weather rider here. Bike was put up the week before Thanksgiving. I enjoy the back roads in WV, VA and MD.
  9. 2WR585_Max

    My home Town of UPPER CABOOLTURE

    Certainly looks like a place I would like to visit.
  10. 2WR585_Max

    World Wide World Radio Convention


    Shall I rent a car? Or is the Bison limo available?
  11. 2WR585_Max

    Weather Pics

    Alive and energized. Nice shots!
  12. 2WR585_Max

    World Wide World Radio Convention


    Moving and house building is a lot of work!
  13. 2WR585_Max

    World Wide World Radio Convention


    Had just enough Southwest points to book a flight out of Baltimore.
  14. 2WR585_Max

    Weather Pics

    You need to use the adverb, 'torrential'. That is an awesome storm!
  15. 2WR585_Max

    2WR2811 Eli

    I was hooked on radio and DX back in the 70's. Spent all my hobby money at Radio Shack. I was away from the radio for many years, spending my time playing with computers. About 2009 I was cleaning out a closet and came across my forgotten radio equipment. I decided to search the internet to see if the vintage CBs had any value. I was surprised at all the hobby material that was online. I hooked up a CB, threw a wire over the tree in the backyard. I made contact with WR2811 that afternoon. Later that same day searching the internet I came across a chat room where Eli and I recognized we had made radio contact earlier in the day. I joined the club and have had a blast. I feel privileged to be part of something special.