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    Welcome To TWRC

    Thanks for your interest in "The World Radio Club" we currently do not assign WR Callsigns online, the following is instruction on how you may obtain your "World Radio" callsign. It takes two "on air" contacts with any combination of Admins or Mods before a number can be assigned. Here is a list of Admins and Mods to make contact with. Happy hunting and good luck! 73
  2. Friday Friday Friday! The End of an ERROR

  3. Trying to get "The Big Move" back on track :licking_emot:

  4. 2WR0360_Ray

    43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio


    Dang "smart phone" small text and instead of maybe hit decline 😐
  5. 2WR0360_Ray

    43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio


    I'll try Pete 👍 No base station ATM 😕 But I'll certainly give it a shot. 73