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  1. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello all FNG

  2. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from 9WR960 Canada

  3. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from 2WR256...

  4. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from the Prospect WR287

    Congrats on the number 🥳 and welcome to TWRC!
  5. Thanks Darryl for all your hard work getting the site back up! 

  6. 2WR0360_Ray

    New prospect here

  7. 2WR0360_Ray

    Current list of wr contacts

    I’m hearing Southern Ca including San Diego on a fairly consistent basis. Send me a PM when you’re on. Let’s get’er done ✅ Planning on doing Sunday WR Checkins again. I won’t be able to do every Sunday (I have a wife lol) but we will be in the game again soon. 😉 73
  8. 2WR0360_Ray

    Current list of wr contacts

    Someone give that man a number 😳 😉
  9. Is cycle 25 getting an early start? 

  10. 2WR0360_Ray

    New prospect here

    Let me clarify, Amateur “radio” operators 🤣 not to be confused with the amateur film industry 😉
  11. 2WR0360_Ray

    New prospect here

    Will be listening for you Brian 😉 73
  12. 2WR0360_Ray


    Welcome! I was hearing a lot of stations from the SF area today and heard 333 Carter by the sea on the backscatter. Home for the duration of the pandemic so listen for me 😉 Ray 2WR0360
  13. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    California FINALLY getting some much needed rainfall ☔️
  14. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    Friday the 24th Herriman Utah F7471BF6-C54A-49EF-A722-918C0F9EB9A6.MOV
  15. 2WR0360_Ray

    wavin at ya

  16. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    You win! 😆 we got a solid 12“ with 24” drifts
  17. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    We had a nice dumper blow through here yesterday until early this morning 😳 1F2254A1-58F7-439F-B386-C30DFD8AD9CA.MOV
  18. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    Smoke from the California fires pouring into the Salt Lake Valley this afternoon 😳
  19. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    Took a trip into northern Idaho to look at few different areas to buy property? Sunset near “Moscow” Idaho last night Near Kingston Idaho
  20. 2WR0360_Ray

    Weather Pics

    We just got power back after this thunderbumper went through the area.
  21. 2WR0360_Ray

    New from Chicago
  22. 2WR0360_Ray

    Dream Home?

    Wife says she doesn’t like the color scheme? I told her “your crazy they are always silver”
  23. 2WR0360_Ray

    Dream Home?

    Yeah that sux. I used to get 65-70 mph winds at DX hill, I always laid the tower down into the cradle when storms were headed my way and managed to avoid damage. Hope everything will still be there when I go back to get it 🙏
  24. 2WR0360_Ray

    Dream Home?

    Awe man!
  25. 2WR0360_Ray

    Dream Home?

    I’ll take a look. If you talk to him tell him I love his place! Dream home!!