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  1. ray ? I need someone that knows something about a   tempo one  ssb transceiver  can you help me out?

    willie morris 

    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Good morning Will!

      There are a lot of good techs on here (I’m not one of them lol) I’d start by posting in the forum and see who responds?





  2. VOA Delano, Ca

    I ended up selling the tower before we moved to WR62 Jack in dinuba ca. He said he's getting closer and he'll send me some pics once it's done. I'll post put'em when I get em
  3. Hey,

    Are we still getting a deal on the AT-6666, if so hook me up to who I have to contact.




    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Just sent you a PM with The contact info. 


    2. 2WR03210_Greg


      Got it and sent one right back


  4. Moved my G5RV..

    Post some pics if you can
  5. Coax question...

    If the soil is soft you can do it with a flat blade or trimming shovel.
  6. Welcome To TWRC

    Thanks for your interest in "The World Radio Club" we currently do not assign WR Callsigns online, the following is instruction on how you may obtain your "World Radio" callsign. It takes two "on air" contacts with any combination of Admins or Mods before a number can be assigned. Here is a list of Admins and Mods to make contact with. Happy hunting and good luck! 73
  7. What is my callsign

  8. Hello Ray.

    It's 3AM here so i can't stay. just wanted to say hi.


    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Roger Roger Homer, great to hear from you!!


  9. VOA Delano, Ca

    Couldn't pass on that one it will stay on the trailer for now as moving day is fast approaching 🙏
  10. VOA Delano, Ca

    I drove to Delano today to purchase a tower from a local ham and decided to check out the now defunct Voice of America array, Wow!
  11. Friday Friday Friday! The End of an ERROR

  12. Trying to get "The Big Move" back on track :licking_emot:

  13. 43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio


    Dang "smart phone" small text and instead of maybe hit decline 😐