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  1. 2WR0360_Ray

    2WR1743 Bristol ,Pa

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours from your WR family!



  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family

    From your Canadian Neighbor

    Kevin Lewis 


    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Merry Christmas to you and yours! 



  4. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the forum Terry. We’ve had a few good openings into divs 41 & 43 over the last month. Hope to make contact with you soon. 73
  5. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello From Mexico

    Raymundo! It was very nice making contact with you from my mobile a week or two back. Ray 2WR0360 73
  6. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hi from Switzerland

    Hello Marco congrats on the callsign and welcome to the madness. Hope to make contact with you soon! 73
  7. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello all FNG

  8. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from 9WR960 Canada

  9. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from 2WR256...

  10. 2WR0360_Ray

    Hello from the Prospect WR287

    Congrats on the number 🥳 and welcome to TWRC!
  11. Thanks Darryl for all your hard work getting the site back up! 

  12. 2WR0360_Ray

    New prospect here

  13. 2WR0360_Ray

    Current list of wr contacts

    I’m hearing Southern Ca including San Diego on a fairly consistent basis. Send me a PM when you’re on. Let’s get’er done ✅ Planning on doing Sunday WR Checkins again. I won’t be able to do every Sunday (I have a wife lol) but we will be in the game again soon. 😉 73
  14. 2WR0360_Ray

    Current list of wr contacts

    Someone give that man a number 😳 😉
  15. Is cycle 25 getting an early start?