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  1. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Introducing myself.

    Welcome Lone Star 1836 .. WR1303Chuck
  2. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Old time CBer, New Again

    To The Forum
  3. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Eli's Birthday

    Hope you are enjoying your birthday Mr Eli
  4. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Newbie of Hawaii

  5. 2WR1303_Chuck

    wavin at ya

    A Warbley wave Right Back Atcha Welcome To The Forum
  6. 2WR1303_Chuck

    It Must be Spring

    Thanks for the desktop pic Mikey
    1. Chuck, we spoke this am on 27.3950 for a bit, and I'm not sure if I can use 2WR1260 yet.  Or do I need to connect again with another? QRM is overwhelming, haha.
    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      yes you were issued WR1260 for sure & are in members list, no problem & thank you 

  7. I think ray wr0360 gave me third didn't know if you seen that be on in morning for that fourth

    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      Two is all it takes Rob, you're in after you made WR2144 and Myself buddy, Congrats, You are in 

    2. 2WR0360_Ray



      Sorry for the confusion earlier but its a mute point now, YOUR IN!


    3. 2WR310_Rob


      No problem thanks Ray for all your help

  8. Hi chuck I'm trying making contacts with everyone  except admin just talk to 2wr2317 and who I thought was you at least they said trying to get my call sign. I'm been staying fairly busy on the dx. Thanks for you support .love this site wanna be 

  9. Chuck just saying hello


    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      Howdy Howdy Bill, We been waiting on skip all day for the checkin here, Maybe before too late we'll hear ya buddy


  10. 2WR1303_Chuck

    New from Chicago

  11. 2WR1303_Chuck

    Anybody ride besides me...

    Dang Nice ride Craig
  12. Chuck, I be a member way befour 2016. Ezy in Austrial gave me my number have to try find it in my logs. 73's Win 2wr194

  13. 2WR1303_Chuck

    SNOW GEESE in our valley!

    What the Heck !, That 'one is buried up to his neck