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  1. Am I blind or do we not have a 'Vintage Radio' section on the forum?


    1. WR954


      Huh, I will look, may need to add one, thought we did

  2. A helpful article to give you a basic understanding of antennas. It may even resolve some myths you have been believing in. For some reason the CB frequencies are full of folks preaching antenna myths. antennabook.pdf
  3. Best omni base antenna I have run across is the Tornado, a true 5/8 wave physically. Other Sirio antennas are good too but beware of those base antennas that use a copper wire coil in the base (ex. Gain Master/Series 2000/827); they do not handle high power and yield less bandwidth. The catalog here is a 2006 edition but little has changed and this one is very informative. tornado_manual.pdf sirio_cb_catalog2006.pdf
  4. Data and specs for most of the common coaxial cables. Coax data chart.pdf