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  1. Some links... http://universal-radio.com/catalog/cable/coax.html http://thewireman.com/coax.html
  2. Hello , Nice to see that you are interested in The World Radio Club. At this time we do not offer membership into the club on-line. The only way at this time to receive a World Radio Club number is to make two contacts to any of the following administrators or moderators on the radio (it can be to the same mod or admin but on two separate occasions) , and request a number. Please go to the roster list for your Division http://twrc.us/forums/index.php?/forum/6-members-list/ and make sure that the number that you are looking for is available. Look carefully. USA: 2WR67 Steve A.K.A. The Hoover, Texas 2WR84 Joe in Virginia 2WR149 Rich in Chico California, 2WR183 Homer (Charles), Rogers, Arkansas 2WR267 Scott, Hudson, Colorado 2WR298 Jean in Springfield, Illinois 2WR454 Smitty in Texas 2WR585 Max, West Virginia 2WR954 Darryle in Grass Valley, California 2WR2144 Mike, Spring, Texas 2WR2754 Dandeelion in Sacramento California 2WR2811 (NeedleBender 2811) Eli in Sacramento CA. 2WR0360 Ray, Dunlap, Ca. 2WR169 Mitch La Crosse, Wisconsin 2WR12 Larry (TwelveVolt) Moses Lake, Washington. 2WR041 Sam (HobbieVille) Palm Bay, FL. 2WR015 Allen, MI 2WR1303 Chuck Virginia 2WR057 Mark Co Australia: 43WR144 Pete, Hunter Valley, NSW., AUS. 43WR23 Peter, Devonport, Tasmania, AUS 43WR351 Ezy, New Castle, New South Wales, Aus. 43WR137 Dan in Bundaberg, Queensland AUS., New Zealand 41WR4169 Bob, New Zealand Europe: 29WR001 Dave, Sligo, Ireland 26WR06 Andi in the UK 21WR294 Roger Sweden Netherlands: 19WR097 Fred, Netherlands Thank you. TWRC Staff.