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  1. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Old Nasty's B/D

    Sorry to hear about Chucks' Mom, my heart goes out to Chuck and his family.. On lighter side, I did get my Birthday wish, I got to talk to Chuck antenna - antenna..
  2. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Old Nasty's B/D

    It was a day Wood County , Ohio would like to forget... Then he turns into "OLD NASTY"..
  3. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Old Nasty's B/D

    Yep it was a dark day in Bowling Green, Ohio when Old Nasty Dan came into the world.
  4. Some people say I should be more careful when picking my friends. I was mowing lawn about 3 feet from him (or her) he left me get with in 12 inches of his tail. He then turned around and opened his mouth, not sure if he was saying "Hello" or sizing me up for dinner. I actually blew grass all over him while I was mowing. Eventually he decided it was time to go in the water and rinse off. 73's everyone I'm still here.... "Old Nasty Dan" signing off...
  5. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Nasty just back from Cuba 8/2/2017

    This is the world famous, "Coco Taxi".
  6. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Nasty just back from Cuba 8/2/2017

  7. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Nasty just back from Cuba 8/2/2017

    The picture of the fort and the ship in the back ground was the ship we went on. It is the 4th picture from the top.
  8. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Nasty just back from Cuba 8/2/2017

    The buildings are falling apart, this is in Havana. The first pic is of one of the apartment houses, the private houses was not this nice. The last pic. is of the American embassy, in havana.
  9. "Old Nasty Dan"

    World Wide World Radio Convention


    I would love to go . See if I can get ground clearance from the wife. "Old Nasty Dan"