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  1. Homebrew Moxon for 11 Meters

    I have decided to add a Moxon antenna to my antenna farm here. Basically, this is a 2 element directional antenna with a driven element and a reflector. The driven element is very similar to a dipole, but with the ends bent backwards. I found and used this site for my calculations: I am going to use thinly insulated 10 Ga solid copper wire and PVC for the support. This big rectangle will lay flat and transmit in the direction of the feed point. It will be suspended in some trees out behind my shack with no obstructions in it's intended direction. Allegedly, this design will result in a nearly 50 Ohm impedance, and if properly designed requires no matching. A few questions for those of you with more experience than me in building wire antennas: 1) is there any reason to deviate from the 10 Ga wire I intend on using (other than weight). I have other sizes available if needed. 2) I have read all sorts of different specs about this antenna as to dBd gain. Some reasonable, some outlandish. Anyone have a realistic expectation on the gain? 3) Have any of you built or used a manufactured Moxon? What are you r thoughts on it? 79