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  1. Hi Pete

    I have noticed that I am still on the list 43WR496 Les Oldroyd PO Box 322 Guyra 2365 NSW QF59US

    Regards Les Oldroyd VK2LES

  2. good hook up yesterday pete,we had some well overdue good short distance props.



    1. 43WR144-Pee Wee

      43WR144-Pee Wee

      Thanks Craig, it was great to get in contact again. I had a good 4+ hours of QLD only props, from Brissy up to Townsville and all in between. Started around 12.15pm & I closed the shack around 4.45pm.



  3. Thanks for the clue Pete

    kind regards


  4. 43WR144-Pee Wee

    43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio


    Just got a couple of weeks to go, then off to the 'Log Dump' for 4 days. Damn, I'm lookin' forward to it. Bring on the props.
  5. Where's all the DX gone?? Getting bad DX withdrawl symptons.

  6. 43WR144-Pee Wee


    Hiya Steve, great to see ya in here. Been a long time since our last QSO, mate.
  7. 43WR144-Pee Wee

    43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio


    Sorry, forgot to mention that the times are for Eastern Australian Daylight Time.
  8. 43WR144-Pee Wee

    43WR144 - 40 Years Of Radio

    My 40th Anniversary of been in radio. there's going to be a special activation of the 'Log Dump', Fri 25th - Mon 27th November, 2016. I'm hoping for some good DX conditions while up at the Log Dump. I'll be making a special 40th Anniversary QSL for the event, it'll be in eQSL format, email format or a special laminated home made QSL to post. Cheers from 43WR144 - Pete. (Pee Wee Edit - Times are in Eastern Australian Daylight Time. Timezones can be found at - and World Time Clocks can be found here -
  9. 43WR144-Pee Wee

    43WR144 - Pete - Pee Wee G'Day folks, I'm the 43WR144, operators name is Pete. My CB handle/nickname is Pee Wee. I transmit from a small country town called Gloucester, in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. I am the 'The World Radio Club' Coordinator/Director for the Oceania Region in Australia. I started this wonderful hobby back in 1976, with a little xtal am 23 channel CB. I got into SSB late 1977. Thats when I got bitten by the DX Bug & I've loved DXing ever since. I love to go portable DXing up in the mountains west of town or just a short drive up to one of the many lookouts around the area to work the DX. I also love building antennas & have built many over the years. Living in a small country town in the middle of the bush, I had no big shops to buy any antennas. A friend gave me the ARRL Antenna Handbook (1978). He told me to put 27.355 into the antenna equations to get the right lengths & dimensions for 11m antennas. The rest is history, I've been building antennas ever since. By the way, when I got onto the internet, it opened up a whole new world of radio for me. Especially the antenna programs, no more pen & paper & calculators, made life so much easier. As some of you have probably heard, I was busted by the ACMA Jul 1st, 2011 (Australian Communications & Media Authority). I was issued with official warnings for Section 46 - Unlicensed operation of radio communications devices Section 47 - Unlawful possession of radio communications devices. I had to dispose of the devices within 7 days & advise them I complied. " In this instance, the ACMA has used discretion and has chosen not to issue you Penalty Infringement Notices or escalate to prosecution, however, any future non-compliance will be viewed more seriously." I'm going to frame the 2 ACMA Warning Notices & put them up on the wall. So in a nutshell, I got a severe official warning. I had to post the RCI 2970 & Palomar Amp to Head Office in Melbourne. So I'm back on air again with only the Cobra 146GTL 40 channel SSB in the mobile & the Uniden Grant with Kenpro Speech Processor for the base. The antennas are a 4 element home made yagi & a Shockwave .64w Ground Plane Vertical. I DO NOT operate above or below the legit 40 channel CB Band, but anywhere in between. ___________________________________________________________________________ Photobucket - 43se144 - Ustream - Pee Wee's Radio Shack - YouTube Pee Wee 144 - Skype - Pee.Wee.144 Face Book - You'll find me in the TWRC Video Chat Friday to Monday when I'm working, when on holidays, you'll find me on the chat just about all day, from around 6-7 am when I open the shack up, until around 5pm when I lock the shack up. Sometimes I get on the chat when I'm inside on the laptop. Feel free to pop in & say g'day. 73's and good DX to you, 43WR144 - Pee Wee.
  10. 43WR144-Pee Wee

    2WR2811 Eli

    Gotta agree with you there, Chuck. One big happy DX family with lotsa great folks.
  11. radioactive-sign-smiley-emoticon.gif'WHO STOLE ALL MY BLOODY PROPS'  radioactive-sign-smiley-emoticon.gif