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  1. 2WR178

    Tree Fungus

    I snagged this "fungus" from an old tree that was dying when I was deer hunting one year. The face of it was originally all "white" and I packed it out about 1/4 of a mile, taking great care as not to scar the face of it. I then had it painted by an artist here in the state.
  2. 2WR178

    My Journey in Alaska - #4

    These were taken at Chignik, Alaska
  3. 2WR178

    My Journeys in Alaska...part 3

    Thanks Ray. Say Ray do you know WR559 Nazee in Stockton? I have been talking with him for the last 5 yrs now and just found out that he also worked at the cannery in King Cove. But he was there about 4 yrs before me.......and also, you won't believe this, but he also worked at Dutch Harbor many years ago and that's where my wife's bothers both worked - he knew one of them - now that's really a small world!!!
  4. This is the only pic that I have of the bunk house that us machinist stayed in. It was scary at night when going back into the know - them BEARS were always walking around!! I had several very close encounters with them. At two different times, I had one of them chase me into the bunk house, just got the door shut when they would head the door with their head. So the next year I went up packing my Ruger 45 Colt six shooter. But no problems that year. I was working here for Reeve airlines in Oct '77, this is where we take the Goose (pictured above ) to fly to False Pass. In the picture above you will see "King Crab processed here" - this is where my King Crab came from.
  5. Unloading of the fish traps at Metlakatla, on Annette Island. This was the last traps to be used any where in Alaska. I worked here for 2 summers - it would produce over a million cans of salmon each year. False Pass cannery was operated by Peter Pan Seafoods in Seattle. But now it's just refueling stop for boats heading up into places like Bristol Bay. This is one of the machines that I worked on, it packs the salmon into the can's. This another complicated machine - this one is connected to the filling machine above - it cuts the fish into the right size to fit into the can.
  6. 2WR178

    My Journeys in Alaska...

    A few of the places that I have worked back many years ago. I worked in the salmon cannery's as Machinist. My main job was to keep the canning lines running for the whole summer - 3 mo's. The Indians that owned this cannery didn't seem to like white people very much, so socializing was not in best interest for me. I took this picture after it was weighed I worked here in Ketchikan in 1998 - tired to drink the town dry a couple of times - but that foolish to think that! But in Alaska you live and learn!!
  7. 2WR178

    My Lilies..

    These are mostly the oriental type, which are "very fragrant". I had over 850 of them at one time. I have now been selling them for the last 3 yrs. Many of them grow over 6 ft, which some have topped out at 6 ft 4 in.
  8. 2WR178

    Canadian Geese..

    Couple pictures out the back window.
  9. 2WR178

    Eagles up close...

    A little closer this time>>>
  10. 2WR178

    SNOW GEESE in our valley!

    They are getting their bellies full of grass ( which is the only food they eat) so as to start their journey back to one of the remote islands on the Russia coast.