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  1. 2WR321_Greg

    Hello From Mexico

    Hola 10WR313_Raymondo, Welcome to TRWC from 2WR321_Greg, it was a pleasure talking and hope we can do it again soon. Thank you for letting me add you to our membership. 73 for now, Greg
  2. 2WR321_Greg

    2w197 South Jersey USA

    Hello T Jay, Welcome to the club. Glad I could make it happen for you, hope you come to the forum often and try out the chat, , I'm there most days. 3's Greg
  3. 2WR321_Greg

    Hello from 9WR960 Canada

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I am on most days, mainly channel 38, sometimes 39, conditions should be changing to the north for me as the fall approaches, maybe we can make contact. I do "On The Air Check-ins" on the 4th Sunday of the month, try me then. 3's Greg
  4. 2WR321_Greg

    218 Division Belize

    Pat-----------218WR689---Belize, Belize (1st 09/07/19 Greg) *added after okaying with Eli*
  5. 2WR321_Greg

    218 Division Belize

    Made contact with Pat--689 (09/07/19), he is on the pending list. Woo hoo, a new division added,, I'll edit this if I make a second contact tomorrow, Listen for him Chuck 3's Greg
  6. 2WR321_Greg

    My Family Reunion Pic

    Okay Ray,, which one is you????? 3's Greg