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  1. WR954

    My 2X8 install

    Good read
  2. WR954


    Welcome to the forum
  3. WR954

    Old time CBer, New Again

    Welcome to the forum, glad I got you worked out. Sorry for the mixup early. Darryle 2WR954
  4. WR954

    Introducing myself.

    Welcome. You will find that many of us are both, ham and CB with must starting in CB. Enjoy. Darryle (Dee) WR954
  5. Happy birthday 

    Mike.   2wr245 

  6. WR954

    Newbie of Hawaii

    Welcome back to the scene
  7. WR954

    I'm back...

    Welcome back. Hmmm look through the roster. Look for your name and the city you were living in, have to go line by line as it us in number order. Use the search function.
  8. WR954


    4/5 is correct, the other date was his first contact, 4/5 was second contact and number issue date
  9. WR954


    Frank---35WR035---Austria---(1st 4/5/19 Roger)(2nd 12/5/19 Roger)
  10. WR954

    wavin at ya

    welcome to the forum
  11. WR954

    Weather Pics

    Same here, to give you an idea, the snow blower is 4 foot tall at the ledge, it was hip deep, supposed to be another 12 to 18 inches this weekend
  12. WR954

    Newbie from Sacramento

    Welcome and should not take you too long. Eli and Rich are both pretty active in your area area. Good luck.
  13. Taz

    Hi this is Taz 0198 in Ft Pierce Fl looking for my second contact so I get my WR0198 so help lol Thanks Taz

    1. WR954


      I will be listening for you when hear the radio.  

    2. WR954


      I will be listening for you when hear the radio.  

  14. WR954

    New from Chicago

    Welcome to the forum
  15. WR954

    Anybody ride besides me...

    Have to wait for Max 2WR585 to log in, he rides also.