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  1. until

    Damn, i am missing the limo ride!!!!!
  2. until

    Tell me about it, the logistics alone are a nightmare lol.
  3. until

    Sweet Max. Wish I could make it but alas, trying to get the GV house emptied out by the end of the month.
  4. Am I blind or do we not have a 'Vintage Radio' section on the forum?


    1. WR954


      Huh, I will look, may need to add one, thought we did

  5. Also Times Microwave makes a direct burial cable, LMR-400DB. No need for conduit, trench it 6 inches or so deep to prevent the mower catching it, just remember where it is in case you ever have need to dig in the yard at a later date
  6. Only if you have persistent RFI issues and it sounds like you corrected it already
  7. This is my brother Darryl, and my other brother - Darryl



    1. WR954


      LOL  Hey Robb, how you doing, good to see you back on here.  

      We lost Grandpa last year so no more trips down there. 

    2. 2WR-11


      Sorry to hear that Darryl . . .

      Been living in OR for well over a year.  Haven't put up the beam or a wire antenna yet.  Just the Imax.  Been fixing local CB's here though.  Getting acquainted.

  8. Hello to all hope you have a great 2017