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  1. Simple 10m loop with 17m bonus

    I have always loved the loops for an antenna, I had one for over 6 years at my other place and have a temporary one at the new place, this temp house here though not feasible, so I have a flattened out inverted V very low, no trees. My goal will be three loops, one for 160, 80 and 40M at the new place, along with my I10K vertical for 10/11/12M, the Diamond X300 vertical for VHF/UHF, and my 6 element tri-bander for 10/15/20M
  2. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Damn, i am missing the limo ride!!!!!
  3. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Tell me about it, the logistics alone are a nightmare lol.
  4. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Sweet Max. Wish I could make it but alas, trying to get the GV house emptied out by the end of the month.
  5. Am I blind or do we not have a 'Vintage Radio' section on the forum?


    1. WR954


      Huh, I will look, may need to add one, thought we did

  6. Coax question...

    Also Times Microwave makes a direct burial cable, LMR-400DB. No need for conduit, trench it 6 inches or so deep to prevent the mower catching it, just remember where it is in case you ever have need to dig in the yard at a later date
  7. Coax chokes ?...

    Only if you have persistent RFI issues and it sounds like you corrected it already
  8. This is my brother Darryl, and my other brother - Darryl



    1. WR954


      LOL  Hey Robb, how you doing, good to see you back on here.  

      We lost Grandpa last year so no more trips down there. 

    2. 2WR-11


      Sorry to hear that Darryl . . .

      Been living in OR for well over a year.  Haven't put up the beam or a wire antenna yet.  Just the Imax.  Been fixing local CB's here though.  Getting acquainted.

  9. Hello to all hope you have a great 2017