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    The Handle is Lone Star I have been involved in radio ever since I was 10. First communications on the radio when I was 16 and was known as Seagrave. Later received the handle Lone Star from some local boys during a fox and the hounds hunt. Later became a Ham in 2003 first as KI4BBV and now W4QYV. I recently have been discouraged by poorly operating Ham have wanted to get back to my 11m roots. Be reminded of why I love radio so much. In the next year I plan to apply for my GMRS License and if I go back to ham radio I am hoping to have my own local repeater. 73 hope to see you down the log.
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    Welcome Lone Star 1836 .. WR1303Chuck
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    You won't be disappointed.
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    Thanks all for the kind welcome. 2WR2575_Ron I am liking the 980 so far mine is only putting out 3.5 watts but the modulation is very close to 100%
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    Welcome. You will find that many of us are both, ham and CB with must starting in CB. Enjoy. Darryle (Dee) WR954
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