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    Thanks Darryl for all your hard work getting the site back up!
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    Don't worry about the SWR differences. The impedance of any feed-line repeats every half wavelength. Therefore reading your SWR at points a couple feet apart will show variance. What matters is what shows at the transmitter (radio). Good work! Next project: Make the vertical portion 23 feet (+/-) and build a taped inductor at the base. Wamo, a 5/8 wave gain antenna. Enjoy!
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    Nice homebrew vertical! Looking forward to contact on the air with you soon.
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    Hello everyone I’m 1872 I’m kinda new to cb my buddy at work got me into it , I built a base station finally and have 2 mobile rigs . Finally caught up with wr333 Cardiff by the sea rich he lives within 15 miles of me but I could never get him until today I’ve talked to a couple other WR members . I work over at marine corps base camp Pendleton , hopefully one day I can be a part of this great group of people you have . 73’s to everyone hope to make contact with ya soon
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    THANK YOU for serving!!
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    Welcome! I was hearing a lot of stations from the SF area today and heard 333 Carter by the sea on the backscatter. Home for the duration of the pandemic so listen for me 😉 Ray 2WR0360
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    Welcome to the forum, hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
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    Yes sir I’m a civilian sir I just work for the DOD I’ve been on this base for 12 years now , I love what I do . I got the list and writing them down I don’t have everyone I’ve contacted wrote down like I should I’ve made contact with some people from some of the states , so I’m writing everyone down I make contact with , thank you looking at my post hope to make contact with ya soon 73’s
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    Welcome to the forum. And thank you for your service. Many if us here are also vets, I was Air Force years ago. I am still active Military Auxiliary Radio Services through the Air Force. With a little persistence, you'll get tour number. Look through the Division 2 roster at the bottom of the main page for an available number and keep that in mind when you talk with ant Admin or Moderators. I sent you the link to the list. Good luck. Hope to hear you on the air. 2WR954 Darryle
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    Been awhile since I last signed in to the club, my WR # is 157 .. glad to be back.. Hello Rich in Chico I hope your feeling better..
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    Welcome back. Rich is recovering slowly, he lives with his son now, Rick WR2800
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    Welcome back. 73 from SE TX
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    Welcome Ken and enjoy
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    Hello All, 64 Baltimore waving a hand. Thanks for the add. 73's v/r Ken
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    Welcome Ken. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
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    Scott, I have a 2x8 as well and plan to install it in my truck this coming spring if not earlier. The information you provided will help greatly. 73's