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    This is the list of contacts with WR I’ve made as of today 2811 ,522,454,1056,949,651,000,66,99,73,333,0551
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    Added you to the list
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    I’m trying sir , just picking up contacts and trying to become a world radio member was my goal when I first got on 385 , so hopefully one day I’ll get it
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    Hi. Names Brian and I’m from the SE corner of BC Canada about 50mi north of the border. Now propagation conditions are coming around I want to get on board. I played with CB in the late 80s and have been a Short wave listener for years.I love all things radio. Im studying for my ham license and hope to write as soon as all this virus stuff has passed. I just put up a new antenna and hope to see if I can get some contacts stateside. The last skip cycle on Apr.16 was really fun to listen to and eager to earn membership here. I will try barefoot first and step up to a small amp if I have to. Please if your a Wash, Idaho or Montana guy and would like to try to set up a list of members to try for it would be appreciated. Waiting for the next propagation cycle😄
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    Give us your first name. 2WR1872 has already been assigned. You can review the member's list on the forum and select a number that hasn't been assigned and we will get you added to the pending member's list so all will know you already have your first contact.
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    Thank you all for helping me out , hopefully soon I can get my 2nd admin contact it’s my wife’s bday today so I may be on later in the day if not I will tomorrow
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    I don't have his info, but he needs to be added to the pending member's list showing one contact and his WR call.
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    I’m hearing Southern Ca including San Diego on a fairly consistent basis. Send me a PM when you’re on. Let’s get’er done ✅ Planning on doing Sunday WR Checkins again. I won’t be able to do every Sunday (I have a wife lol) but we will be in the game again soon. 😉 73
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    He just needs 1 more is all. He will get was chatting with him today. Wish I was on the radio that day he got Parker but I was out in the shop
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    He's made contact's with 2811 and 454, There's his 2 contact's for 2WR948 My mistake, 454 is not a active admin.
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    Roger im on 39lsb hopefully can pick someone up there’s no skip rolling here
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    WR Sunday check in is on 27.395 Chuck has one every week, Greg sometimes has one and Scott has one the first Sunday of the month. Also have a chat check in every Sunday.
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    Where do u guys meet up sundays see if I can talk to some Of y’all
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    I’m down in San Diego southern. Cali , ya I’ll try it out and see if I can get more wr contacts thank you
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    What's your QTH? You can join the chat room, usually some admin on there that might help with a contact.
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    Thanks Darryl for all your hard work getting the site back up!
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    Will be listening for you Brian 😉 73
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    Hello everyone I’m 1872 I’m kinda new to cb my buddy at work got me into it , I built a base station finally and have 2 mobile rigs . Finally caught up with wr333 Cardiff by the sea rich he lives within 15 miles of me but I could never get him until today I’ve talked to a couple other WR members . I work over at marine corps base camp Pendleton , hopefully one day I can be a part of this great group of people you have . 73’s to everyone hope to make contact with ya soon
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    THANK YOU for serving!!
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    Welcome! I was hearing a lot of stations from the SF area today and heard 333 Carter by the sea on the backscatter. Home for the duration of the pandemic so listen for me 😉 Ray 2WR0360
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    Welcome to the forum. And thank you for your service. Many if us here are also vets, I was Air Force years ago. I am still active Military Auxiliary Radio Services through the Air Force. With a little persistence, you'll get tour number. Look through the Division 2 roster at the bottom of the main page for an available number and keep that in mind when you talk with ant Admin or Moderators. I sent you the link to the list. Good luck. Hope to hear you on the air. 2WR954 Darryle
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    Been awhile since I last signed in to the club, my WR # is 157 .. glad to be back.. Hello Rich in Chico I hope your feeling better..
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    Welcome back. Rich is recovering slowly, he lives with his son now, Rick WR2800
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    Hello All, 64 Baltimore waving a hand. Thanks for the add. 73's v/r Ken
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    Welcome Ken. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX