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    The Handle is Lone Star I have been involved in radio ever since I was 10. First communications on the radio when I was 16 and was known as Seagrave. Later received the handle Lone Star from some local boys during a fox and the hounds hunt. Later became a Ham in 2003 first as KI4BBV and now W4QYV. I recently have been discouraged by poorly operating Ham have wanted to get back to my 11m roots. Be reminded of why I love radio so much. In the next year I plan to apply for my GMRS License and if I go back to ham radio I am hoping to have my own local repeater. 73 hope to see you down the log.
  2. 3 points Conditions may be poor BUT will be very interesting how many signals will present themselves. Sporadic-E may be key. SSB & CW only. Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 14-15, 2019) Your 11-meter 5/8 vertical will no doubt work well.
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    Thanks all for the kind welcome. 2WR2575_Ron I am liking the 980 so far mine is only putting out 3.5 watts but the modulation is very close to 100%
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    Welcome. You will find that many of us are both, ham and CB with must starting in CB. Enjoy. Darryle (Dee) WR954
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    Wow, that must have been a heck of a gust. Wind shear, maybe. Look like the car was spared.
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    Hello all, I am an old time CBer from the 80's. I decided to get into it again as now I am retired and have some extra time on my hands. I went out and bought 2 Uniden 980SSB radios, put one in my truck and I set the other up as a base. The base is using an Antron 99 antenna at about 200 feet elevation. I am close to the highest elevation in my area, so I have pretty good reach. 73s
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    Hi Static Charge Im an Old CBer from the 90s who is coming back as well. I was looking at those 980SSBs. I think I may order myself one.
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    Welcome to the forum, glad I got you worked out. Sorry for the mixup early. Darryle 2WR954
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    Those 980`s are good units, welcome to the forum
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    Welcome aboard. 73 from SE TX
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    Welcome aboard. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
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    Center cross beam is sitting on top of the car over driver's door. Has a dent in roof but can't tell if it bent the top of the door. If the wind is from the west, it has a tunnel effect between the houses. Must have been a fair wind since plants were blown over on patio behind the house. Looks like the initial failure occurred where it was attached to the house on the north side. Tore the lag bolt out of the rafter tail at the end and the fascia that had other bolts split at about the top of the cover. Then the bolts tore out along the patio cover beam and pulled through the aluminum channel along the garage on the east end.
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    Yep it was a dark day in Bowling Green, Ohio when Old Nasty Dan came into the world.
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    Sorry to hear about Chucks' Mom, my heart goes out to Chuck and his family.. On lighter side, I did get my Birthday wish, I got to talk to Chuck antenna - antenna..
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    Mr.Prez 2WR2811 Eli's Birthday!!
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    Aloha and Hello from the Hawaiian Islands, Somewhat new to CBs. Just getting into the cb scene again. Had a radio when I was younger, and remember it being a ton of fun. And that was just talking to locals. Can't wait to make my first skip contact. I am finally interested in reaching out and talking to others especially now. Looking forward to speaking to you all. God Bless, to you all!... Mahalo and Thank you, Dennis (a.k.a.) SOG
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    Been gone for several years. Got my ham radio license. I had a WR# but can't remember what it was.
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    Welcome back. Hmmm look through the roster. Look for your name and the city you were living in, have to go line by line as it us in number order. Use the search function.
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    Welcome back! What is your call sign? de WC4R
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    We were out of town last week and had a surprise when we got home yesterday. Neighbor said we had heavy rain and strong winds.