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    Many thanks to 267_Sc*tt for sending me a tube of viper lube for the rotor, finally got the job done! Dont mind the the sophisticated stand to hold up the rotor top, cardboard is how we roll in the trailer park .
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    $4.49 LED lights, 2 wires and 5 minutes of time made a huge improvement, well worth it if your using older equipment like this .
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    hello I take myself jean michel aged 59 passionate dx 11 meter since 1981, I have aplication facebook, messenger, zello, stype, twitter, and I have a zello channel deprive the world radio club. friends to all members of 14wr037 jean michel
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    that little LED light strip sure makes a difference to the window of the meter. ever so often I build a light strip with LED's for my CB radios and it sure makes them look good.
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