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    Joe 62WR21 Guam Island (43WR144 X2 - 3/31/17)
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    Only if you have persistent RFI issues and it sounds like you corrected it already
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    If the soil is soft you can do it with a flat blade or trimming shovel.
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    Also Times Microwave makes a direct burial cable, LMR-400DB. No need for conduit, trench it 6 inches or so deep to prevent the mower catching it, just remember where it is in case you ever have need to dig in the yard at a later date
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    Buried PVC conduit usually works best. Depending on distance, you might make an aerial messenger cable using a PVC coated steel cable with the coax attacked to it an run above ground.
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    Have a question about the coax choke used on a G5RV dipole, do they actually work ?....( dipole brand is a Radio Oasis )... Going to move mine in a few days, and don't no wither to use a coax choke on it or not, right now the dipole is hanging between 2 tree's on a mountain side and the center is 30-33' off the ground, and it has the 450 ohm ladderline on it, and ended up hanging the last couple feet and the coax on a bush to keep it off the ground, and still using the 120' run of LMR 400UF coax going down the hill to the shack...it has been in this location for about a year and has talked really well in most areas.....problem I have at this spot is working the stations over in Europe, and into the NE and East directions... This is the reason for wanting to raise it up, and running a amplifier here isn't a option for me......my Elmer, tells me if I can get the center of the dipole up 60' or so, that would help alot... But thing is, should I go with a coax choke on my dipole, or leave it as is, only problem I have had a long the way so far has been on 20m band it comes through my computer speakers, and froze the computer at times, but haven't had any of these problems for awhile, all I did was re-routed the way the coax came into the shack, and I wouldn't think this would have had any affect on this......but as of right now no issues in the shack or anywhere... My Elmer, says not to use the coax choke, like a 2nd option is all, thanks....
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    Thanks for your interest in "The World Radio Club" we currently do not assign WR Callsigns online, the following is instruction on how you may obtain your "World Radio" callsign. It takes two "on air" contacts with any combination of Admins or Mods before a number can be assigned. Here is a list of Admins and Mods to make contact with. http://twrc.us/forums/index.php?/staff/ Happy hunting and good luck! 73