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    Hi. Names Brian and I’m from the SE corner of BC Canada about 50mi north of the border. Now propagation conditions are coming around I want to get on board. I played with CB in the late 80s and have been a Short wave listener for years.I love all things radio. Im studying for my ham license and hope to write as soon as all this virus stuff has passed. I just put up a new antenna and hope to see if I can get some contacts stateside. The last skip cycle on Apr.16 was really fun to listen to and eager to earn membership here. I will try barefoot first and step up to a small amp if I have to. Please if your a Wash, Idaho or Montana guy and would like to try to set up a list of members to try for it would be appreciated. Waiting for the next propagation cycle😄
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    Happy to make my contacts today with Scott WR-267 and Eli WR-2811. They have confirmed my number. So I’m happy to announce I’m 9 WR 2356. Thank you admins and mods.
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    Welcome to the group. 73 from SE TX
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    Welcome in to the WR family. 73s Frank 035
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    Here’s the new home brew 5/8 wave vertical. 21.5 feet of awesomeness costing me $16.00. It works well and I’m talking to a friend 24mi out on AM regular ground wave consitantly. Just waiting for next wave of skip.
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    Ha ha Ray! We all have our pasts😂
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    Well, we may be amateurish in other ways as well lol we all have our goofy moments lol
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    Let me clarify, Amateur “radio” operators 🤣 not to be confused with the amateur film industry 😉
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    Good luck on your test, many of us are also Amateurs. Welcome to the forum.
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    Will be listening for you Brian 😉 73
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    THANK YOU for serving!!
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    Hello everyone I’m 1872 I’m kinda new to cb my buddy at work got me into it , I built a base station finally and have 2 mobile rigs . Finally caught up with wr333 Cardiff by the sea rich he lives within 15 miles of me but I could never get him until today I’ve talked to a couple other WR members . I work over at marine corps base camp Pendleton , hopefully one day I can be a part of this great group of people you have . 73’s to everyone hope to make contact with ya soon
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    Welcome! I was hearing a lot of stations from the SF area today and heard 333 Carter by the sea on the backscatter. Home for the duration of the pandemic so listen for me 😉 Ray 2WR0360
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    Welcome to the forum, hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
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    Yes sir I’m a civilian sir I just work for the DOD I’ve been on this base for 12 years now , I love what I do . I got the list and writing them down I don’t have everyone I’ve contacted wrote down like I should I’ve made contact with some people from some of the states , so I’m writing everyone down I make contact with , thank you looking at my post hope to make contact with ya soon 73’s
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    Welcome to the forum. And thank you for your service. Many if us here are also vets, I was Air Force years ago. I am still active Military Auxiliary Radio Services through the Air Force. With a little persistence, you'll get tour number. Look through the Division 2 roster at the bottom of the main page for an available number and keep that in mind when you talk with ant Admin or Moderators. I sent you the link to the list. Good luck. Hope to hear you on the air. 2WR954 Darryle
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    Been awhile since I last signed in to the club, my WR # is 157 .. glad to be back.. Hello Rich in Chico I hope your feeling better..
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    Welcome back. Rich is recovering slowly, he lives with his son now, Rick WR2800
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    Welcome back. 73 from SE TX
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    Welcome Ken and enjoy
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    Hello All, 64 Baltimore waving a hand. Thanks for the add. 73's v/r Ken
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    Welcome Ken. Hope to catch you on the air. 73 from SE TX
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    Scott, I have a 2x8 as well and plan to install it in my truck this coming spring if not earlier. The information you provided will help greatly. 73's
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    Hello , Nice to see that you are interested in The World Radio Club. At this time we do not offer membership into the club on-line. The only way at this time to receive a World Radio Club number is to make two contacts to any of the following administrators or moderators on the radio (it can be to the same mod or admin but on two separate occasions) , and request a number. Please go to the roster list for your Division and make sure that the number that you are looking for is available. Look carefully. USA: 2WR84 Joe in Virginia 2WR149 Rich in Chico California, 2WR183 Homer (Charles), Rogers, Arkansas 2WR267 Scott, Hudson, Colorado 2WR321 Greg Md. 2WR585 Max, West Virginia 2WR954 Darryle in Graeagle, California 2WR2144 Mike, Spring, Texas 2WR2754 Dandeelion in Sacramento California 2WR2811 (NeedleBender 2811) Eli in Sacramento CA. 2WR0360 Ray, SLC Utah 2WR041 Sam (HobbieVille) Palm Bay, FL. 2WR015 Allen, MI 2WR1303 Chuck Virginia 2WR057 Mark Co Australia: 43WR23 Peter, Sheffield, Tasmania, AUS 43WR51 David South Australia 43WR137 Dan in Bundaberg, Queensland AUS. 43WR144 Pete, Hunter Valley, NSW., AUS. 43WR346 Joel in NSW, Austrailia New Zealand 41WR4169 Bob, New Zealand Europe: 29WR001 Dave, Sligo, Ireland 26WR06 Andi in the UK 21WR01 Roger Sweden 35WR035 Frank, Austria Thank you. TWRC Staff.