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    Here are some B&K Service Manual's bk 1040 operator manual.pdf BK-2040_Service.pdf
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    Here are some more Sencore Manual's. Sencore SC71 Frequency Counter Manual.pdf Sencore--FC45--service_and_user--ID12844.pdf Sencore--SC61--service--ID12848.pdf Sencore--SC61--user--ID12849.pdf
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    Here's a few service manual's I've found on the Sencore CB42 Sencore_CB42_Manual.pdf Sencore CB42 Schematics.pdf Sencore CB42 Calibration.pdf Sencore CB42 Addendum.pdf
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    Hello All New to the site. Been around radio for a while now. Started CB in the 80's, got my Ticket in 08 as kd0goj, I am Now w0srb since 12. Nice to meet ya all. Hope to work ya on one of the bands.
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    Here a link to a forum where it's explained how to make a RF Sampler/ Demodulator. A RF sampler is hooked between the radio and dummy load to hook up a O. Scope,
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    Hi Kevin. Finally have my sign in issues solved. Welcome here.
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    Howdy and welcome to the forum. 73 from SE TX
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I am on most days, mainly channel 38, sometimes 39, conditions should be changing to the north for me as the fall approaches, maybe we can make contact. I do "On The Air Check-ins" on the 4th Sunday of the month, try me then. 3's Greg
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