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  3. "Old Nasty Dan"

    Old Nasty's B/D

    Yep it was a dark day in Bowling Green, Ohio when Old Nasty Dan came into the world.
  4. 2WR03210_Greg

    218 Division Belize

    Made contact with Pat--689 (09/07/19), he is on the pending list. Woo hoo, a new division added,, I'll edit this if I make a second contact tomorrow, Listen for him Chuck 3's Greg
  5. Member is on thin ice due to interaction in the political section. Otherwise, he is fine best I can see.

  6. Hi Ray hope all is well 73.'s need transformer like this out of MFJ 22amp power supply 



  7. WR954


    4/5 is correct, the other date was his first contact, 4/5 was second contact and number issue date
  8. 2WR2144_Mike


    Making a member cert for Frank. He says 4/5/19 for date which I am guessing is correct. Dates above really don't make sense unless first was 12/5/18?
  9. WR954


    Frank---35WR035---Austria---(1st 4/5/19 Roger)(2nd 12/5/19 Roger)
  10. JUPITER 152 QSL

  11. Absolutely loved all the good DX conditions tonite!!! Thanks for the contacts WR1240 and WR4400!!!

  12. Hi Pete

    I have noticed that I am still on the list 43WR496 Les Oldroyd PO Box 322 Guyra 2365 NSW QF59US

    Regards Les Oldroyd VK2LES

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