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  4. End fed antenna...

    The end fed, is still in the same place, and so far haven't worked any DX into Europe on it, working the states as well as all down in the south, and into South America stations on it....still using the internal tuner and tunes 80-6m bands...still just running a 100 watts..... Looking into getting the pulley system and Dacron rope and moving it this fall up on the mountain side where the G5RV used to be in that area anyways, not sure yet where it will be may try something a little different since all the info I have seen says it will favor the directions the tail is in.....the East and North East directions are all behind me, and this mountain is blocking everything off, so may try hanging this end fed in a NE to a SW directions and see what it does.....not going to make this move until it cool's off and the snakes goes into hibernating because the brush is thick up there....I don't own the land, other wise it would be cleared off by now, this is the plan.... My end fed, has the stealth marine 18ga insulated wire on it, probably will leave this as it is, and try it too see just how it does do, or may change it anyways to the 14ga stuff..... So far the end fed has done pretty well, considered my location and what I have to work around....
  5. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, still running that end fed antenna, when I moved it this last time I left the ground wire on the wing nut of the transformer, and now have it out close to 2' away from the mast pipe, I did use a zip tie and added some slack in the coax to keep stress off the PL connector, and zip tied it to the mast pipe for now, like to think this will work, and still at the same height, can't get it any higher than it is, but it seems to do pretty good like this...don't no it I mentioned it or not but my end fed is 130' long, and is out in my neighbors front yard near the tree line, had to get his permission to do this or course...have noticed since running this antenna I don't have any RF issues, in the shack, or neighbors don't have any problems messing there stuff up, just running a 100 watts here tho...still not been able to work DX into Europe, guessing due to the height not enough, or just where I'm up against these mountains...but this will have to do, not sure what else I can do... All I can compare it too is the G5RV I used to have up, and it was lot higher than this end fed is....I worked a lot of DX on that G5RV, most of it was on 20m too....thats about it for now, 73 John
  6. VOA Delano, Ca

    I ended up selling the tower before we moved to WR62 Jack in dinuba ca. He said he's getting closer and he'll send me some pics once it's done. I'll post put'em when I get em
  7. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, here is a update on the end fed I'm running.... I have a 32' mast pipe which is on a hinge plate, at the top of this mast I have a L shape bracket on it and used a eye bolt on it too, and used weedeater string to raise and lower dipole I had on it awhile back, so just left this all on it for now......with this end fed, I used a dog bone up there, have the weed eater string tied off to one end, used zip ties, ect so it don't come loose, and also ran some Dacron rope through the other end of the dog bone, and have my end fed transformer now on this end, and raise and lower it now using the rope, feel it works lot better than using the string I had on tail end part of the end fed few weeks ago....... The Dacron rope, I tied it to the transformer and used some zip ties to make sure it don't come loose by mistake, and fall to the ground, this is 32' high now, and have it out about 18" away from the metal mast pipe up there, ect...as it come across the front yard, it slopes down to 20' off the ground, where the Dacron rope runs over a tree limb, and use a plastic bucket on both ends, with holes n them for water to drain and have few rocks n it to allow the end fed to move back and force as it needs to when the winds blow, so far has worked well like this.... It has been like this a few weeks now, and have been using the internal tuner, which works great, will tune the swr 80-6m bands, with ease, will tune 80m to 3.500 frequency.....last night was the 1st time I tried to tune it for 6m on 50.100 to 54.000, have never tried to talk on 6m band, just checked to see if it would tune there, and it does... So far from what I can tell, mine favors the S, SE, SW directions, does work pretty well to the W off the side, does pretty well into the N and NW directions, but not as well as I want it too, I hear alot of stations in the neighboring states don't recall hearing them when I had the G5RV up, but it was lot higher than the end fed is....the G5RV, had to use the external tuner with it all the bands 80-10m, except for 20m and 12m, but with it up on the mountain side I worked just about everyone I was able to hear on it, did great on 20m... The end fed, like it pretty well due to been able to tune the antenna for more bands, 80-6m is sweet...some guys says they can get what I do, plus some portions of the 160m band.....this end fed so far seems to do pretty good, it is now all hanging out horizontal but unable to get the height it any higher in the yard.....also, I have about 80-100' of RG 213 coax on this, I did try to hang some coax on the side of the transformer, just to take some stress off the PL connector, but that caused the swr be high and not tune, had to take this loose and let the coax hang straight down from the transformer, about 15' below the transformer, I did pull up some slack so the PL connector wouldn't have stress on it, used zip ties to hold it to a section on the mast pipe, this works well now.....I also put a ground wire on the bottom of the transformer, and ran this to the ground rod at the bottom... Noise wise, I run a noisy floor anywhere from a S3 on 20m, to a S5 on 40m, to a S6 on 80m bands....I'm sure this will all change when I move it this fall up on the mountain side where the G5RV used to be.....it too was like this when it was in the yard too.....if any of you guys is running one of these EFHW 8010 end fed antennas, has any questions, there is a site on facebook that can answer any questions u may have on them.. The info that came with this antenna, states 20'-50' high is a good height to hang them......well thats it for now, 73...
  8. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Had fun guys, thanks Ben for the use of the facility and the awesome wings.
  9. End fed antenna...

    That is what I am hoping for. I have the same problem with power lines running behind my property line. 3's Greg
  10. End fed antenna...

    My guess at 20 ft above the ground it would be omni-directional.
  11. End fed antenna...

    I have been looking at the 73ft version of the end fed antenna, same brand. How is it as far as directivity, my install would have it pointing to the SSE and can only get it about 20ft off the ground horizontally. 3's Greg
  12. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Fuel pump is out on the limo. And some other problems.
  13. World Wide World Radio Convention


    well i'll be at the Super 8 in Fort Collins so send the limo my way.
  14. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Damn, i am missing the limo ride!!!!!
  15. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Shall I rent a car? Or is the Bison limo available?
  16. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Tell me about it, the logistics alone are a nightmare lol.
  17. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Moving and house building is a lot of work!
  18. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Sweet Max. Wish I could make it but alas, trying to get the GV house emptied out by the end of the month.
  19. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Had just enough Southwest points to book a flight out of Baltimore.
  20. World Wide World Radio Convention


    I'm going I'll be the one hopping on one leg and missing an eye. LoL
  21. End fed antenna...

    Forgot to mention so far using the end fed, I don't see any RF in the shack, nothing I can see, computer still runs like it should, TV's all ok, ect..... I assume this would be the same with the neighbors too ?.........
  22. End fed antenna...

    Give you guys a Idea what kinda situation I'm in really makes this rough.... I live in a mobile home park, with one on each side of me here, and they do have metal siding on them....back yard is about 14' wide, and have power lines running through the yard as well, on the other side have about 16' wide and have some space about 68' before the power lines comes across the yard, to a telephone pole on the hill side just out side my yard, this pole has all the lines coming to it, and a transformer on it too....this is why I have always had my antennas on the mountain side, few 100 ft above the power lines.. So, I've been doing research on several different antennas and decided to go with a EFHW 8010 end fed antenna and pulled the trigger the other day and order one, and put it up Monday morning in the yard....it's not as high as I'd like it to be, but it is in the air, have the transformer on a pole in the back yard about 5' off the ground, and as it runs in a angle up to my mast pipe at the top it is 32' high, and I used a glass insulator tied one end to a rope up there on a L shaped bracket, and on the other end used 2 zip ties put the wire in them and left slack in them, so the wire can move freely when needed too, then comes off this insulator and down the front side and have a rope over a tree limb which is about 20' high, and tied the rope to a plastic bucket, with couple rocks in it, and holes in the bottom for water to drain out it, so as the wind blows the wire can move free as it needs too... It is hanging in more of a horizontal V shape, not what I wanted to do, but really makes thing rough when you don't have the room....the transformer and the end of the leg wire is about 30' apart, maybe closer to 35'... I did use my external tuner to check the swr around all the bands 1st, because the transformer is close to the mobile home behind me, and it does have metal siding on it and wanted to make sure it was ok before I took it out of line.... I did take it out of line and now using my tuner inside the 450d, which does tune for 10-80m bands, does really well....radio shows a 1.1 or less swr all the bands 10-80m.......just like Danny at my antennas says it does.... I do intend to move the transformer up out of my yard to a tree after I play with it here a few days, this will give me close to 10-15' higher than it is now.......see if I can get it to work well in my situation.....having the transformer where it is, I used a 50' piece of coax on it going to the shack...really don't need this much, but using it to get the coax up out of the yard so the lawnmower don't get it....haven't had much time to really get to check it out yet, hoping to this weekend...
  23. End fed antenna...

    Hello everyone, as you all know I moved my G5RV from where it was and tried to hang it higher to perform better.....when I moved it, made the mistake and tied off the legs, I didn't get back up there soon enough to fix this, and the storms came through and destroyed it, learned my lesson on this and tiring the legs off, is a no, no.... Problem I had with this dipole was keeping the ladder line off the ground, but before I moved it, it talked really well there even tho the ladder line was hanging on a bush to keep it off the ground, with a tuner it did tune 10-80m bands, in which I stayed on the 20m and 75/80m bands most of the times I was on the airways... So, since then I hung a 40m homebrew up and have each leg tied to a bucket with weight in it and holes n the bottoms, for water to drain and so far it has worked very well... But have decided to go a head and up grade to a end fed antenna and see what it does in my situation here, not sure where I will hang it, but ordered one today.....hoping it does as well as all the other guys does running one...did a lot of research on it, read a lot of reviews and watched lot of videos.... I'd like to play around with building antennas, ect but just don't have the room and have a lot of metal and power lines on site, kinda puts a damper on things in my situation, so hope to catch you guys on the airways, 73 for now...
  24. good hook up yesterday pete,we had some well overdue good short distance props.



    1. 43WR144-Pee Wee

      43WR144-Pee Wee

      Thanks Craig, it was great to get in contact again. I had a good 4+ hours of QLD only props, from Brissy up to Townsville and all in between. Started around 12.15pm & I closed the shack around 4.45pm.



  25. Is is an amazing time for you. I'll bet we get to talk more often when it's over. See you on HF.

  26. Moved my G5RV..

    I may go to a end fed antenna from My Antennas....already been doing research on there EFHW-8010-1k antenna, and so far all the reviews, ect I found on it, all has been good....maybe a good idea to do, since I just have 2 supports to use here....
  27. Moved my G5RV..

    We have had high winds also in the uk , wind took out my dipole put up a BB3KA from WILSON CREEK ANTENNA S works really well ,and well built , stevel8407
  28. Moved my G5RV..

    Hello guys, didn't get any pictures of my G5RV, after a storm came through here and tore it down, think I'm going to go a head and replace it with something else.....have had problems keeping the ladder line off the ground, due to not getting enough height .........so looking at someother dipole..
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