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  4. hello I take myself jean michel aged 59 passionate dx 11 meter since 1981, I have aplication facebook, messenger, zello, stype, twitter, and I have a zello channel deprive the world radio club. friends to all members of 14wr037 jean michel

    Many thanks to 267_Sc*tt for sending me a tube of viper lube for the rotor, finally got the job done! Dont mind the the sophisticated stand to hold up the rotor top, cardboard is how we roll in the trailer park .
  6. Rotor Controller Upgrade

    that little LED light strip sure makes a difference to the window of the meter. ever so often I build a light strip with LED's for my CB radios and it sure makes them look good.
  7. Rotor Controller Upgrade

    Nice Ron!
  8. Rotor Controller Upgrade

    $4.49 LED lights, 2 wires and 5 minutes of time made a huge improvement, well worth it if your using older equipment like this .
  9. Log Periodic Dipole Array

    I’m chomping at the bit to get property and get some aluminum in the air again! Thanks for posting Max!!
  10. Log Periodic Dipole Array

    I took these pictures at Mount Weather, a FEMA facility not far from me in Virginia. This place is best described as a Continuity of Government facility. Lots of building and reportedly 600,000 sq ft of underground tunnels and living quarters. This directional antenna is a monster. I would guess 3 to 30 MHz and beyond.
  11. Chuck just saying hello


    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      Howdy Howdy Bill, We been waiting on skip all day for the checkin here, Maybe before too late we'll hear ya buddy


  12. End fed antenna...

    Hello everyone, I did move the end fed, and have it on a pulley system, and works great......since moving it have made a few changes with it, nothing major, just a few things that needed done b4 the bad weather came in....I now just use a pulley on the tail end part of the end fed antenna, and took the weight off the other end, and it appears to be working well with the ice and snow thats been on it the last few days here.... It does really well on 17m, worked ZS6TVB in Pretoria, South Africa my 1st ever contact over there and just on a 100 watts and a piece of wire, sure made my day...the tail part of the antenna is in the East direction at 70 degrees and seems to do pretty noisy floor I used to have is now down to a S1 on 20-10m bands.....on 80-40m bands it runs about a S3, And the RFI, I had talked to a few guys on 40 and 80m bands who told me my audio was distorted, ect, and my radio got to the point it would shut off when I keyed the mic, come to find out problem was the inline fuse running from the power supply up to the radio, that fuse in the holder was loosing contact, easy fix, since all this have no problem with it or any problems with the RFI problems all is does really well on 17 and 20m, better than it ever has... I'm still running the same coax, have plans on changing this soon, still haven't hooked the ground up on the transformer, thats about it for now, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a end fed to try one out from, Danny will answer any questions you may have...
  13. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, I moved that end fed Saturday, and have the transformer end about 30' high, and same for the tail, stretch out the wire, and used the pulley system on it as well, running about 85' of RG 213 coax on it, and so far I don't see any RFI issues with it, but swr still a little touchy on 75/80m bands for my internal tuner to handle...but it will tune 40-10m bands, but still have a few adjustments to make in the wire antenna parts of it, going to try what my friend did to his out in Md, and hoping it works for me......did all this myself, so had my hands full.. I like this end fed better since I moved it up on the mountain side between 2 tree's, and it seems to perform well now on 20m, worked several different countries on it in just a couple days, the tail, is hung it in a NE to East directions, actually more to the East directions, this is due to all the brush had to work around.... The noisy floor I used to run when it was up in the yard, has dropped down to less than a S1 on 20m, same with the rest of the bands to 10m, on 75/80m bands, I run about S5 noisy level at times still yet....think I have a problem with the RG 213 coax I'm using hoping to swamp this out in a few days with some LMR 400UF coax, but all and all, it has helped alot by moving it, gained alot of height by moving it... Over the months of running this end fed while up in my yard, it seems to favor the direction the tail end of the antenna is pointed in..I no already my receive in the east/north east directions I hear alot more traffic than I ever have on it or the G5RV I had up...will keep u updated on this..
  14. End fed antenna...

    Forgot to mention, the coax I am using on this end fed has 2 barrel connectors in it and is just what I had on hand to use, didn't plan on keeping it up where it is this long, but it is still doing pretty well up here, on 40 and 80m bands...
  15. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, I'm still running this end fed and it is still in the same location, have had a few problems to come up since putting it up where it is now, had some RFI issues in the shack, with my computer speakers a and my internet slowing down a little or at times would freeze up, and I'd have to reboot it to get it working, my friend up in Md bought one of these end feds like mine and put his up, he has a lot more space for one than I do, his also had some RFI issues in his shack, so he put a MFJ antenna analyer on his, and he ended up folding 9" of the wire on the tail insulator end to get rid of his, he said it worked for him..... I tried that same thing on mine and it didn't work for me in my situation, so I ended up putting my wire antenna all back to I still have the same problem in the shack, my friend sent me a video to watch that Bill Hays AE4QL made on swr and problems with RFI, ect .....I watched it and looks like all the problems I have is caused due to the location my end fed is hanging I have a lot of metal on site and my antenna is less than 12ft away from it the wire antenna comes off the mast pipe it crosses the roof of my mobile home and comes between my place and my neighbors out front, and crosses some of his mobiles roof....even tho he told me it was ok to stretch this end fed out like it is, this is the problems I have noticed from neighbors, I talk to them on a daily bases and always ask if there is any problems in there stuff...and he tells me no, this is all I have to go on from what he says, but I would think the problems I have that it would affect his as well.... So, hoping to move my end fed up on the mountain side and away from the power lines and all the metal soon, but will use the pulley system on this antenna and hang the transformer little lower than the tail part will be, how high, not sure yet on this part.....have Dacron rope and the pulleys all on hand, just have to find the time to make this move.....will keep you all inform how it does... The only thing I don't like about it is how it performs for me on 20m, because I spend lot of my time on the radio on 20m band, it does how ever tune great 80-10m bands, using the internal tuner in my 450d...
  16. Chuck, I be a member way befour 2016. Ezy in Austrial gave me my number have to try find it in my logs. 73's Win 2wr194

  17. Simple 10m loop with 17m bonus

    I have always loved the loops for an antenna, I had one for over 6 years at my other place and have a temporary one at the new place, this temp house here though not feasible, so I have a flattened out inverted V very low, no trees. My goal will be three loops, one for 160, 80 and 40M at the new place, along with my I10K vertical for 10/11/12M, the Diamond X300 vertical for VHF/UHF, and my 6 element tri-bander for 10/15/20M
  18. Loop antennas are VERY good and at 10/11 meters it's easy due to the small size. Here is an article form a local club member who made his a rectangle shape. This way it conforms to exactly 50 ohms (no balun needed) and with an easy feed point for vertical polarization. The 17 meter part can be a bonus or just eliminate that section if you want to make it a single band antenna. 17loop.pdf
  19. ray ? I need someone that knows something about a   tempo one  ssb transceiver  can you help me out?

    willie morris 

    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Good morning Will!

      There are a lot of good techs on here (I’m not one of them lol) I’d start by posting in the forum and see who responds?





  20. End fed antenna...

    The end fed, is still in the same place, and so far haven't worked any DX into Europe on it, working the states as well as all down in the south, and into South America stations on it....still using the internal tuner and tunes 80-6m bands...still just running a 100 watts..... Looking into getting the pulley system and Dacron rope and moving it this fall up on the mountain side where the G5RV used to be in that area anyways, not sure yet where it will be may try something a little different since all the info I have seen says it will favor the directions the tail is in.....the East and North East directions are all behind me, and this mountain is blocking everything off, so may try hanging this end fed in a NE to a SW directions and see what it does.....not going to make this move until it cool's off and the snakes goes into hibernating because the brush is thick up there....I don't own the land, other wise it would be cleared off by now, this is the plan.... My end fed, has the stealth marine 18ga insulated wire on it, probably will leave this as it is, and try it too see just how it does do, or may change it anyways to the 14ga stuff..... So far the end fed has done pretty well, considered my location and what I have to work around....
  21. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, still running that end fed antenna, when I moved it this last time I left the ground wire on the wing nut of the transformer, and now have it out close to 2' away from the mast pipe, I did use a zip tie and added some slack in the coax to keep stress off the PL connector, and zip tied it to the mast pipe for now, like to think this will work, and still at the same height, can't get it any higher than it is, but it seems to do pretty good like this...don't no it I mentioned it or not but my end fed is 130' long, and is out in my neighbors front yard near the tree line, had to get his permission to do this or course...have noticed since running this antenna I don't have any RF issues, in the shack, or neighbors don't have any problems messing there stuff up, just running a 100 watts here tho...still not been able to work DX into Europe, guessing due to the height not enough, or just where I'm up against these mountains...but this will have to do, not sure what else I can do... All I can compare it too is the G5RV I used to have up, and it was lot higher than this end fed is....I worked a lot of DX on that G5RV, most of it was on 20m too....thats about it for now, 73 John
  22. VOA Delano, Ca

    I ended up selling the tower before we moved to WR62 Jack in dinuba ca. He said he's getting closer and he'll send me some pics once it's done. I'll post put'em when I get em
  23. End fed antenna...

    Hello guys, here is a update on the end fed I'm running.... I have a 32' mast pipe which is on a hinge plate, at the top of this mast I have a L shape bracket on it and used a eye bolt on it too, and used weedeater string to raise and lower dipole I had on it awhile back, so just left this all on it for now......with this end fed, I used a dog bone up there, have the weed eater string tied off to one end, used zip ties, ect so it don't come loose, and also ran some Dacron rope through the other end of the dog bone, and have my end fed transformer now on this end, and raise and lower it now using the rope, feel it works lot better than using the string I had on tail end part of the end fed few weeks ago....... The Dacron rope, I tied it to the transformer and used some zip ties to make sure it don't come loose by mistake, and fall to the ground, this is 32' high now, and have it out about 18" away from the metal mast pipe up there, it come across the front yard, it slopes down to 20' off the ground, where the Dacron rope runs over a tree limb, and use a plastic bucket on both ends, with holes n them for water to drain and have few rocks n it to allow the end fed to move back and force as it needs to when the winds blow, so far has worked well like this.... It has been like this a few weeks now, and have been using the internal tuner, which works great, will tune the swr 80-6m bands, with ease, will tune 80m to 3.500 frequency.....last night was the 1st time I tried to tune it for 6m on 50.100 to 54.000, have never tried to talk on 6m band, just checked to see if it would tune there, and it does... So far from what I can tell, mine favors the S, SE, SW directions, does work pretty well to the W off the side, does pretty well into the N and NW directions, but not as well as I want it too, I hear alot of stations in the neighboring states don't recall hearing them when I had the G5RV up, but it was lot higher than the end fed is....the G5RV, had to use the external tuner with it all the bands 80-10m, except for 20m and 12m, but with it up on the mountain side I worked just about everyone I was able to hear on it, did great on 20m... The end fed, like it pretty well due to been able to tune the antenna for more bands, 80-6m is sweet...some guys says they can get what I do, plus some portions of the 160m band.....this end fed so far seems to do pretty good, it is now all hanging out horizontal but unable to get the height it any higher in the yard.....also, I have about 80-100' of RG 213 coax on this, I did try to hang some coax on the side of the transformer, just to take some stress off the PL connector, but that caused the swr be high and not tune, had to take this loose and let the coax hang straight down from the transformer, about 15' below the transformer, I did pull up some slack so the PL connector wouldn't have stress on it, used zip ties to hold it to a section on the mast pipe, this works well now.....I also put a ground wire on the bottom of the transformer, and ran this to the ground rod at the bottom... Noise wise, I run a noisy floor anywhere from a S3 on 20m, to a S5 on 40m, to a S6 on 80m bands....I'm sure this will all change when I move it this fall up on the mountain side where the G5RV used to too was like this when it was in the yard too.....if any of you guys is running one of these EFHW 8010 end fed antennas, has any questions, there is a site on facebook that can answer any questions u may have on them.. The info that came with this antenna, states 20'-50' high is a good height to hang them......well thats it for now, 73...
  24. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Had fun guys, thanks Ben for the use of the facility and the awesome wings.
  25. End fed antenna...

    That is what I am hoping for. I have the same problem with power lines running behind my property line. 3's Greg
  26. End fed antenna...

    My guess at 20 ft above the ground it would be omni-directional.
  27. End fed antenna...

    I have been looking at the 73ft version of the end fed antenna, same brand. How is it as far as directivity, my install would have it pointing to the SSE and can only get it about 20ft off the ground horizontally. 3's Greg
  28. World Wide World Radio Convention


    Fuel pump is out on the limo. And some other problems.
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