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  3. Howdy Hank. Glad you got in to the forum.
  4. Hello Hank, I see you got on the forum, not sure if that PM I sent got helped activate your account but it didn't hurt. I'll be in the chat every day, you can catch me there. 3's Greg
  5. Hello Hank and Kids just moved out your way NW of Birmingham. Hope to hear you on the airwaves 73
  6. Hi I’m Hank 2WR3754 Roanoke Alabama
  7. Add ALL new 2 div. members here below the example/line. Do not include (2WR in the call) but keep the list in order. Do not start new message window, just edit this one. I will delete your entry(s) after I edit/add the new member(s) the main roster. MODS/ADMINS please continue to use the "new members added to the list thread" as we always have. Eli--(Pres.)------------------------2811----Antelope, CA. (1st contact info, 2nd contact info)(EXAMPLE) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Found out today, 09/19/2021 that Richard ------------------------------230---- Blythewood, SC. Passed away. Please put him in Bold red in the member's list, Harry. Thank's Scott
  8. Thanks for the welcomes, Solar cycle 25 is looking very promising. Its been good Dx for the Winter in Melbourne, looking forward to east coast USA rolling in again. I've recently raised a homemade moxon for 11 metres in anticipation, works a treat in Oz, hoping for some long distance action, 73s
  9. Welcome Rob all ways good chatting with you Terry 43WR63
  10. Hi Rob, Welcome to the TWRC page. Look forward to chatting to you on the dx soon. 73's Dan 43WR137
  11. good to see you made it over here mate, looking forward to many more QSO's 🍻
  12. to the group Rob. 73 from SE TX
  13. Hi all, I'm Rob from Melbourne, Australia. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a keen Dx'er and have a love for vintage radio equipment. Recently built a new shack and made many Oceania contacts. Thanks for letting me join and maybe one day we can Qso. 73's for now, 43WR058
  14. Shout out to everyone to say hello.

    1. 2WR321_Greg


      Well hello right back to ya, get on the radio and give me a shout, I'm doing the On Air Check-In's the 4th Sunday of the month.



  15. Welcome Ed, good to see ya.. NB2811 Eli.
  16. Lots of “dry lightning” up here tonight, hope my shtuff is ok 🙏🏻
  17. Thanks! Kinda weird, startin' over....feelin' kinda like I got my "training wheels" back on.....:-)
  18. Wow....I noticed another misspelling in my post....the amp is an ACOM 1500....not an Icom....(whew!)...must be gettin old or something..... ;-)....
  19. Greeting and glad I was able to pass on your info to Rick and I am taking care of your location right now
  20. Greetings all! My name is Ed, and I go by Needle Bender 13. I was given my call many years ago by Rick Wilkinson, also known as Needle Bender 777 in SW Florida. Used to talk to NB 696 in San Diego quite a bit as well. I've been inactive for quite a few years until Covid came about, and I decided to pick it back up. I also have a ham ticket, but I've been inactive there as well. Currently I run a Kenwood TS-940-S into an Icom 1500. I also have a TS-440-S and an Icom 756 Pro lll. I have a Hex beam I use for HF, and an Imax 2000 for 11 meters. I'm hoping to run in to Rick on here, I haven't talked to him in years, and it would be great to catch up!! He traded an old Kenwood TS 520 S to me for a couple old 101's I gave him, and it was one of the best radios I ever had, hands down. I lost it years ago to a lightning strike, and it broke my heart. Hope to talk to as many of you as I can soon, and Rick, if you read this, throw me message! My email is good on QRZ. It'd be great hearing from you! 73', and God Bless! Ed....Needle Bender 13....
  21. some toys I got





  22. Thanks guys. WR 3330 & WWS030. thanks again.
  23. Welcome aboard 73 from SE TX
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