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  3. A helpful article to give you a basic understanding of antennas. It may even resolve some myths you have been believing in. For some reason the CB frequencies are full of folks preaching antenna myths. antennabook.pdf
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  5. Hey,

    Are we still getting a deal on the AT-6666, if so hook me up to who I have to contact.




    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Just sent you a PM with The contact info. 


    2. 2WR03210_Greg


      Got it and sent one right back


  6. One thing I did do awhile back the 1st time I hung this dipole up, I know what end the center wire is on, and the shield is on... My Elmer told me how to check this and he says to point the center wire into the north, which is pretty much where it is...... For the dipole to work better than it did b4 I moved it, it will be a tall order to do...... So far, it has done pretty good, in the states, still nothing into the NE, does really well into the S and SE still... I'm sure there are better dipoles, or antennas out there that talks better than a G5RV, but from what I've seen this do on 20m has been sweet, I spend most of my time on the 20m band....
  7. Oh man, will see what I can do, I tried to get pics of it a few times and haven't been able to see the LL as it goes up the front side of the tree limbs.... The coax, as it comes down the tree you can see it, instead of coming straight down the tree I kinda went down the side of the tree a little, just trying to keep the winds from blowing it around......this is the 1st time doing this, still learning as I go... I did see the center insulator today, from across the road, it is at the bottom of a tree limb, 4-6 limbs from the top of this pine tree........the lower leg is in the tree's on this end, tree's are thick down here too, will have to raise it up when we get some free time to work on it some more, planning on hanging a bucket with holes in the bottom and some rocks in it, so the rope on the back side coming from the top to the bottom where I have it tied off, hoping to allow the dipole to move a little with the winds, not sure if this is a good thing or not......have seen some others do this... My dipole, kinda blends in with the tree, and the limbs as it goes up the tree, it is shady up there too, and all I have is Iphone, will try and get another camera and see if I can get some pics of it tho... So far, from what I can tell seems to be doing pretty well, this past weekend there was a contest going on, worked all the states up and down the west coast, and several states I hardly ever heard like Idaho, Wy, Utah, NH, Maine.....Saturday morning I listened to a guy over in Russia for a hour or so, but never made that trip to him, but was getting a 55 signal report on him......I really don't have anything to compare my moving it too, so makes this fun trying it out......about all I can do is try it out to the NE and E of the states, except for Alaska, has been easy to work from does tune great from 10-80m bands, autotuner don't have to work to hard doing this...
  8. Post some pics if you can
  9. I am using LMR 400UF coax on this dipole, and have a 120' run down the hill to the shack, and I didn't use any balun or coax choke on it, and no problems in shack with RF or anything, all good here....
  10. Good morning all, before I moved this dipole it was hanging on a mountain side between 2 tree's and the ladder line was dragging the ground and ended up just hanging the last couple feet over a bush to keep it off the ground, and ran it like this for a year or so, and with a 100 watt radio have worked all 50 states, and several countries as well.... Now, we moved this dipole up in a tall pine tree, which the center connector now is roughly about 60-65' high, and where the ladder line/coax meets it is roughly around 30'-35' off the ground...where the ladder line/coax meets, I went up about 2' and slipped a piece of styrofoam over the ladder line and put the coax inside it as well and taped it above and below so it wouldn't slide down on the ladderline, made somewhat of a 2' loop just to try and keep the stress off the PL connector area, hoping the weight and wind don't damage it ...after all this all is on the side of a mountain and out in the open for the wind ..... The legs, well the upper end runs across the land and is pretty high, the insulator looks to be 40' or so off the ground.... The other leg, as it comes out from the tree, I lost all the height due to the way the land levels out, so it is roughly 12-15' off the ground, in which we plan on raising it up in a tree soon,....even tho this end is lower to the ground, it tunes 10-80m bands, just haven't had much time to try it out and see how it's doing........
  11. If the soil is soft you can do it with a flat blade or trimming shovel.
  12. Also Times Microwave makes a direct burial cable, LMR-400DB. No need for conduit, trench it 6 inches or so deep to prevent the mower catching it, just remember where it is in case you ever have need to dig in the yard at a later date
  13. Buried PVC conduit usually works best. Depending on distance, you might make an aerial messenger cable using a PVC coated steel cable with the coax attacked to it an run above ground.
  14. Have a question about the coax, from a tower, or antenna location, and the coax runs through the yard to the shack, how do you guys protect it from the lawn mower ?... I have always tried to route it close to the edge of the yard but that don't always work...
  15. Thats kinda what I think too, have been on the 20m band a lot last few days and all I can see is the computer slows down a little, but this could be our Internet too....I don't hear anything coming thought the speakers, not sure why or how I fixed this, not going to question it, lol....I layed the coax down out back, and noticed there is like a turn in the coax, wouldn't think this is what helped it........
  16. Only if you have persistent RFI issues and it sounds like you corrected it already
  17. Have a question about the coax choke used on a G5RV dipole, do they actually work ?....( dipole brand is a Radio Oasis )... Going to move mine in a few days, and don't no wither to use a coax choke on it or not, right now the dipole is hanging between 2 tree's on a mountain side and the center is 30-33' off the ground, and it has the 450 ohm ladderline on it, and ended up hanging the last couple feet and the coax on a bush to keep it off the ground, and still using the 120' run of LMR 400UF coax going down the hill to the has been in this location for about a year and has talked really well in most areas.....problem I have at this spot is working the stations over in Europe, and into the NE and East directions... This is the reason for wanting to raise it up, and running a amplifier here isn't a option for Elmer, tells me if I can get the center of the dipole up 60' or so, that would help alot... But thing is, should I go with a coax choke on my dipole, or leave it as is, only problem I have had a long the way so far has been on 20m band it comes through my computer speakers, and froze the computer at times, but haven't had any of these problems for awhile, all I did was re-routed the way the coax came into the shack, and I wouldn't think this would have had any affect on this......but as of right now no issues in the shack or anywhere... My Elmer, says not to use the coax choke, like a 2nd option is all, thanks....
  18. Thanks for your interest in "The World Radio Club" we currently do not assign WR Callsigns online, the following is instruction on how you may obtain your "World Radio" callsign. It takes two "on air" contacts with any combination of Admins or Mods before a number can be assigned. Here is a list of Admins and Mods to make contact with. Happy hunting and good luck! 73
  19. What is my callsign

  20. Joe 62WR21 Guam Island (43WR144 X2 - 3/31/17)
  21. Thanks for the clue Pete

    kind regards


  22. Hello Ray.

    It's 3AM here so i can't stay. just wanted to say hi.


    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Roger Roger Homer, great to hear from you!!


  23. Couldn't pass on that one it will stay on the trailer for now as moving day is fast approaching 🙏
  24. Thats one of the best looking $100.00 towers i have ever seen
  25. Some pics of the $100.00 tower
  26. That would be soooo much fun 👍
  27. Let's get a weekend pass for Field Day.
  28. I drove to Delano today to purchase a tower from a local ham and decided to check out the now defunct Voice of America array, Wow!
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