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  3. What is my callsign

  4. Thanks for the clue Pete

    kind regards


  5. Hello Ray.

    It's 3AM here so i can't stay. just wanted to say hi.


    1. 2WR0360_Ray


      Roger Roger Homer, great to hear from you!!


  6. This is my brother Darryl, and my other brother - Darryl



    1. WR954


      LOL  Hey Robb, how you doing, good to see you back on here.  

      We lost Grandpa last year so no more trips down there. 

    2. 2WR-11


      Sorry to hear that Darryl . . .

      Been living in OR for well over a year.  Haven't put up the beam or a wire antenna yet.  Just the Imax.  Been fixing local CB's here though.  Getting acquainted.

  7. Friday Friday Friday! The End of an ERROR

  8. Trying to get "The Big Move" back on track :licking_emot:

  9. Hello to all hope you have a great 2017


  10. lycklig födelsedag

    Roger 21 WR 294

    1. 2WR1303_Chuck


      Thank you Roger and Happy New Year

  11. until

    Condx have been poor on 11 meters in Eastern WV. I hope the event went well. 73, Frank 2WR4711
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