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Wednesday Nov-25-2015 20:15:06 MST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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198 Ken "5-ZERO-1"
Location: Kansas City, MO Metro

Tuesday Jun-25-2013 16:28:48 MDT
Just chatted with WR303 Terry on 38-LSB while he is out in Wyoming on 18 wheels.

Good DX to all!

197 2WR954 Darryle Admin
Location: Grass Valley, Ca.

Monday Jun-24-2013 16:48:07 MDT
Sign up on the forum, click on the FORUM button on the left panel and join up there, the info is on the site on how to become a member.
196 Jerry Kutche
Location: Mitchell In

Sunday Jun-23-2013 11:24:56 MDT
;;) Would like to join someone please tell me how.. I clicked on Contact US got a server error..

Many Thanks

195 1253 illinois

Sunday Jun-16-2013 20:52:26 MDT
i was on 39 lsb and heard yuo guys yelling about this club give me a shout sometime 1253 out
194 Jack
Location: Southren MD. USA

Wednesday May-22-2013 07:17:43 MDT
I have been hearing a lot of operators using World Radio numbers and was trying to find out more about them. From what I can tell, this looks to be a good group. Thanks for promoting good radio skills and practices.
193 Rich 468

Sunday May- 5-2013 22:00:52 MDT
I was able to check into the Rocky Mountain edition of the WRC tonight on 38 LSB just before 11 pm CDT. Net control said we could get more info from this site, but I don't see a way to obtain a WRC number. Can someone please email me about this? Thank you.

73, Rich
192 Bill
Location: St. Louis, MO USA

Tuesday Apr-30-2013 17:12:44 MDT
Great QSO with WR-220 (Peter) in Eastern Australia today on LSB 37. Wow, really neat DX contact. Thanks Peter.


191 2WR954 Darryle Admin

Sunday Apr-21-2013 17:54:43 MDT
Hello there Alec, sign up on the forum and there is a list of all of the admins and moderators who can issue out numbers, we have them in NZ, Australia, US, and Ireland. Darryle 2WR954 Admin
190 Alec

Sunday Apr-21-2013 17:39:10 MDT
Keen to sign-up, however the 'contact us' link does not work. Have been listening on 11m for a while. Live in North Island New Zealand. Can somebody help me out?
189 WR775 Ed

Monday Mar-25-2013 22:27:51 MDT
Looks good and clean for now Darryle :P)
188 2WR954 Darryle

Monday Mar-25-2013 21:14:35 MDT
Sorry for the spam link that were in here. It took me a while to get access to this and clean it all up. I will be keeping a closer eye on this from here on out. Thank you all fort visiting and enjoy the forum.

Darryle 2WR954 Administrator.
187 Joe Dirt
Location: Albuquerque New Mexico
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Monday Feb-25-2013 11:32:43 MST
Joe Dirt KJD94566 CB only - I would like to begin DX

can I have a WR number please !!
186 mike
Location: Oregon

Monday Feb-25-2013 10:14:19 MST
wr666 formerly in mesquite , nv., now in Oregon forever 6(^)6
185 Sven

Friday Jan-25-2013 13:40:40 MST
I love your website - thank you!
184 Perry
Location: Phoenix AZ

Sunday Sep-30-2012 14:50:27 MDT
Skip is back! I missed him. Tnx nice sunspots. Been operating since 1976 with the Salt River Valley group SRV352. 73's all...
183 william g ogilsbie
http://yahoo.com mail
Location: bloomingburg new york

Wednesday Sep-26-2012 14:35:40 MDT
hello there my name is william iam ww234 here in bloomingburg ny live in syracuse new york and that i love talking on the radio so on also find them and work on them i do know some about them take care
182 msrko
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Thursday Aug-23-2012 19:33:41 MDT
super webseite von twrc us. da kann man nicht klagen. lg
181 Steve
Location: Newark, Ca.

Thursday Aug-16-2012 13:01:06 MDT
Hello fellow 11 meter operators! I am new again to the hobby of 11 meter SSB. I was active with a Radio SHack TRC-451 back in the late 70's and early 80's. I picked up an interest in Amateur radio and have been active on 10 and 6 meters for many years.

I'm enjoying CB again in this century. I hope to upgrade my Galaxy DX-959 to a more stable mobile.

I have to adjust freq. before using every day. Looking for any suggestions in a better mobile radio. Thanks! Steve
180 marcus
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Saturday Aug- 4-2012 17:48:27 MDT
ihre webseite ist echt gelungen. viele grüße
179 Maximum Chill
Location: Rocky Mtns

Saturday Aug- 4-2012 08:13:56 MDT
The World Radio Club will promote fellowship between radio hobbyists of all types. We shall generate interest in the hobby to general public. We are committed to continuing the tradition of skilled operators using amateur radio to assist local authorities in time of need. The members of our club will be goodwill ambassadors encouraging courteous operation throughout the radio spectrum worldwide.